Tuesday, March 5

Showered with Love - Part 2

While I'm slowly in the process of getting everything organized and actually into the nursery, I've reflected on all of the wonderful friends and family who have celebrated Jamison with us.  He already has so many Aunts & Uncles and I'm sure will be spoiled silly by them all in the near future!  I know I always talk about how blessed we are and I just can't help it because we truly are.

A few weekends ago was our Dallas Shower that was hosted by 4 of my best friends and my fabulous Aunt Nicki.  They blew me away!  The shower was just beautiful and all of the little thoughtful things that went into it really made me smile.  Everyone who was there are some of the greatest people I know; from my family, J's family, great friends and the best Mom's of those friends.  Blessed again to have these people in my life!  All of the pictures are courtesy of Brittany, one of the hostesses and house the shower was at, who has a 'Dad' camera (what I call a fancy camera) that captured all of the great moments from that day. 
Beautiful Diaper Cake that Aunt Nicki made.  I'm not taking it apart unless absolutely necessary :)
Wreath that Brittany made.  It goes perfectly with the rustic look we're going for in the nursery!
Oh my presents!  And I don't even think that was half of it!
The bedding and curtains!  Brittany's Mom made this and it was one of my gifts as well from my Mom.  I am in love!
Wreath that my friend Emily made for Jamison's hospital door.  Love!
The Beautiful Hostesses!  Brittany, Aunt Nicki, Me, Paige, Val & Kim
J and I - proud soon to be Mommy and Daddy!
This past weekend was our couples shower in Louisiana.  The theme of the shower was so much fun and I pretty much said that everything was 'cute' the entire night!  The shower was thrown by a few more of our best friends, Pat & Meredith and Cody & Morgan.  Pat actually grew up with J and married us two years ago!  We just loved seeing all of our friends and J's family who came out to celebrate with us too.  It was a night of mustache's and fun!
Guest Book - everyone signed the book with a special message for Jamison
The yummy spread and super cute decorations!
Loved how all of the drinks were served in mason jars
So sad that this picture is so blurry!  The host and hostess....J, Meredith, Me, Cody, Morgan and Pat.  It's always a goofy fun time with these 4! 
Have to add the crazy stache photo!
Such a great two weekends filled with people who mean the world to us!  Total picture overload in this post but believe me, there could've been more!
I want to end by giving a big congratulations to two more of our best friends who just welcomed their baby girl to the world yesterday.  Momma was scheduled to be induced yesterday at 8am but her little Miss decided she would just come on her own.  After they were admitted to the hospital, Miss McCartney made her arrival within 3 hours and after only 4 pushes at 2:57am.  She is absolutely beautiful and I can only hope my labor process is that short :) 


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