Wednesday, September 18

A Not So Happy Hump Day.....

Pretty sure I want to kick Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease's A$$!  And let's go ahead and add teething to that list because just when we thought our guy was getting better, he looks to be cutting a tooth.  I think the pain and crying is worse with this then just a few days ago.  It breaks our hearts to hear him and see him hurting.  Tomorrow's a new day - praying that it's a better one!  

Chasing his best friend and having a blast yesterday, we need this guy back tomorrow! 


  1. Is he doing better? I'm so sorry we've been through that twice this past Summer with Blake. It is horrible! lots of TLC and time and he will be good as new. Hang in there!

    1. He's sooo much better! Thankfully :) I sure hope he doesn't get it again!