Wednesday, November 13

The Thankful Project Day 13: An Ability

Today's prompt for The Thankful Project by Chasing Happy is an ability.


1. Possesion of the means or skill to do something.
2. Talent, skill or profiency in a particular area.

After reading Kenzie's post, I've decided to also list my abilities that are sometimes taken for granted.  Everyday I read something or see something where I have to stop and look at my life and remind myself how thankful and blessed I am.  There's probably a handful of more things I could list below but these are my top 5.

I have the ability to:
- Conceive and give birth to a healthy baby boy.  It makes me sad to think of those, especially those close to me, who are having trouble conceiving.  Having a baby is a miraculous gift that if the need and want is there, they should be able to experience it too.  Being a Mom is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

- Listen and be a friend.  I recently got an email from one of my very best friends letting me know how much they appreciate me as a friend.  That meant the world to me.  I always try and be there for my girlfriends and truly listen to them and offer any advice or insight that I can.  I cherish all of my girlfriends and the strong relationships I've built with each of them.

- Be a wife.  I am lucky enough to have married one of my most favorite guys.  He's my best friend and I can't wait to grow super old with him.  3 years and counting...

- Be Happy.  I believe that everyone can control their emotions when it comes to your happiness.  Sometimes it's about just looking at your life and seeing the good and overlooking the bad.  I've always been a generally happy person and though I sometimes waver and can get into bad moods, I try and bring myself back up because things could always be worse.

- Love.  I couldn't imagine not having love in my heart.  I attribute this to my Mom, Dad and Stepmom.  My parents divorced when I was younger, but they never made me feel the brunt of it.  I was told things yes, but they're love for me never changed.  I gained new family and a baby sister to love.  I fought like hell with my Mom while in school but am closer to her now than ever before.  I imagine so many people who didn't have it easy if they came from a divorced home.  I am thankful that that wasn't the case for me.  

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