Thursday, November 14

The Thankful Project Day 14: A Blessing

Today's prompt for The Thankful Project by Chasing Happy is a blessing.

A blessing that I think about on a daily basis is my husband.  I am so thankful for J who works super hard for our family.  With his career and our life at home. 

He recently took a new job and the deciding factor wasn't the money, but the 'no travel' that was offered.  To him, the thought of being able to stay home with Jamison and I was icing on the cake.  He hasn't missed a lot of milestones but now that little man is growing rapidly right before our eyes, he doesn't want the opportunity to possibly miss anything.  I know he loved his job before and it was incredibly hard for him to say goodbye.  But, he thought about us and the impact 3-4 weeks travel almost every month has on us and it was very clear what his decision would be.  I am so blessed that this wonderful man of mine is able to put his family first and provide for us at the same time.


  1. He sounds like a great guy! I bet it was hard to say good bye to a job he loved, but I bet it was easy to say hello to more time with you and J. Such a cute picture.

    1. He really is! It was definitely tough for him but as it turns out, he's actually going to be doing jobs with his old company so that was like the icing on the cake :)

  2. Such a wonderful thing to be thankful for!