Friday, February 7

10 Month Update

2 more months until you're a year old??!??  Really - I can't even handle that right now. I'm in awe at how much you have grown and learned over the past 10 months. You truly amaze us everyday!  

You're home sick today :( This is your third 'real' sickness and thankfully you're still your happy, smiley self most of the time.  Even with you feeling bad you took THREE steps on your own yesterday!  And then of course when I called Daddy over to see, you wouldn't do it. But a few hours later - you did it again, this time in front of Daddy.  I'm excited for you to start walking though I'm probably going to regret saying that later :)

You love to eat. There are no foods that you don't like and we're hoping it stays that way because Momma is a picky eater. You've been eating pur√©es and table food and you do so well with picking up the food and putting in your mouth. With lots of clean-up!  You still take 4 bottles of formula a day, 7oz each.

You are chunking up!  You now weigh 18.86lbs and you are 27.5" long. Your cheeks always make you look bigger but you are perfect!

You've been saying Dada for a few months now and have finally said Momma in the last couple of weeks.  You babble a lot and we try to just say and repeat a ton of stuff - like what we're doing, toy names, etc. to help you.  You're a great mimic and can click your tongue, smack your lips, clap & say mmmmmm after we do it while feeding you.  We're still trying to teach you to give kisses and saying bye bye while waving. 

You love people!  You will still go to anyone and you're really perfectly content anywhere.  You love being read to, tickled, played with and of course fed.  We've started a new game with you too where we roll a ball to you and you throw it back. Your aim is pretty impressive!  You've also found a new obsession with drums.  You played with your drum for a good half hour the other day!  

You sleep sooooo great!  Bedtime is 8 and we normally get you up around 6:30am on the weekdays and by 7:30am on the weekends.  Naps are hit or miss at home but typically we're able to get a full 3-4 hours total.  Once you turn one, we'll be going to one nap a day.  I'm hoping that's a smooth transition for you.

There's not a day that goes by that your Daddy and I don't tell you that we love you. We want you to hear that everyday!  You're such a joy to be around.  With your weird quirks and funny personality - it's never a dull moment in this house.  We love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean!!


  1. Love reading what sweet little J is up to! He needs to meet his buddy Cole soon!

  2. I just caught up on yours :) I can't believe is Cole is 1 already and these two have not met yet! Now that the weather is getting nicer we need to have a playdate at a park or just somewhere outside.