Friday, February 14

To My Littlest Love.....

You won't remember today, but I will. I am already filled with so much love for you that this one day only makes it stronger. And so will the next day and the next day after that and forever.  
Today is known for showing love for the ones you hold near and dear.  I am so blessed to have shared this day with your Daddy for the past 7 years and now with you for your first.  

It's important for you to know though that we don't go all out (think diamonds and expensive dinners) on Valentine's Day.  Your Daddy will get me the corny, fun gifts and you my son, have now set the bar for some pretty impressive artwork!  

But above all of that, remember that today is just a day out of many. Speak and show your love always, everyday and  never let that go. You are loved by us and by so many people.  You are blessed more than I could have ever imagined.

So on this day, and everyday hereafter, I love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean!

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