Saturday, March 29

11 Month Update

It's been too long since I've done an update AND I'm about 3 weeks behind on this one.  But some exciting things have happened since you turned 11 months old so maybe this being late is a good thing :)  Short and sweet list today and then a big ole post next week for your FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!

You are:
 - Walking!!  You are everywhere and I love it!
 - Exclusively on a sippy cup and we have packed away the bottles.
 - Eating at the big boy table at school.
 - Being defiant.  This one makes us laugh but we don't do that in front of you.  Though everytime I tell you no and take something away, you seem to always laugh back at me.....or you'll touch the fireplace while looking at us with a big ole smile on your face :)
 - Finally eating what we eat.  You typically will get chicken and veggies most nights and I've finally broken out of my shell and given you exactly what your Daddy & I eat.  This week you had Beef Enchiladas, Chicken Spaghetti & Cheeseburger Sandwiches.  You loved it!
You love:
 - Your new bath foam letters and numbers.  You like to put them on Momma's head and I put them on yours and we laugh and laugh.
- Coco.  Your best friend is finally coming back around to playing with you again.  She went through a phase where everytime she passed you, you would grab her and it scared her.  Now, you're more gentle and friendly.
 - Your Daddy.  Sometimes Momma is chopped liver :(  But that's okay because seeing you and your Daddy together just melts my heart!
 - Mickey Mouse.  We can just starting singing the Hot Dog song or the magic words and you immediately look around for your pal Mickey.
You dislike:
 - Greenbeans.  Grandma thinks I overcook them because the last few times you've had them you just throw them on the floor.
 - Getting your nose suctioned.  You have RSV right now and your nose is out of control.  We've had to suction your nose so much this week that anytime you see that blue bulb, you try and run away.
 - Diaper changes.  You turn into a roly poly at diaper changes and all you do is cry.  It's really funny but to you - not so much!
- Clothes.  You would run around just in a diaper if you could.  And you don't try and rip your clothes off but you do hate changing in and out of them.  See diaper changes above :)
Can't believe in one week you will be one.  And how fast this 11 months and 3 weeks went by.  You are the best little boy ever buddy and we are so lucky to be your parents!!  We love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean!

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