Tuesday, February 26

Showered with Love - Part 1

We are beyond blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives, who are not only there for us no matter what but who have also joined us in celebrating our growing little boy.

This is part one of two posts on the baby showers for Jamison. We definitely will not have to buy any clothes for him for a long time :)

My amazing Bosses and friends helped throw us a work shower back in the beginning of February. It was held at one of their houses on a Saturday night and was coed so J got to join too. I have two awesome teams that I work for and was so happy to see that most of them were able to come. And brought their spouses! It's never a dull moment with these folks!
 Stephanie, Karen, Me and Melissa, one of my fabulous bosses
J, Me, Stephanie & Doug, my other fabulous boss

We played a fun game that involved chugging (or trying to chug) beer from a baby bottle. I of course had to participate but only with Root Beer in my bottle. I'm amazed at how hard it is to actually get anything out of a bottle!
J was last but I think he was the only one who didn't cheat :)

Everyone also decorated a onesie for Jamison. I can't wait to put him in all of them. There were some pretty creative ones!

We received so many thoughtful gifts and fun books to read which were written in by each person with a little message to Jamison. One of our very personalized gifts is currently on my key ring and I just love it! The first charm says Jamison 2013, then there are 3 pennies - one is the year J and I were married, one is my year of birth and the other is J's year of birth, then there is a heart with Mahaffey stamped in and the last says Lucky Us.

You know it's been a good night when the party starts at 6:30 and you don't get home until midnight! It was definitely a shower to remember, celebrating with some awesome people.
Love this wreath that Stephanie made for Jamison, we're going to hang this on the front door when he has finally arrived!
I love his name!
This past weekend, our neighbors threw us a shower with all of our neighborhood friends. I can't say enough about the neighborhood we moved to a little over a year ago. Everyone looks after each other, we have fun driveway get togethers and cookouts, etc. We got lucky! One of the couples who lives directly across from us is expecting a baby girl in August. Can't wait for Jamison to have a playmate right there!
Us with Menden, Cain, Baby Paxton and Landon - our Shower Hosts

We ladies definitely keep all of our crazy men in line!
Kim, Jenna, Me, Menden, Eileen & Wendy
Dean, Larry, Bob, Jason, J, Cain and the two kiddos
We even had a few helpers with our presents :)
Great food, friends and presents for our little man! It was a fun afternoon celebrating!

More to come on Jamison's Dallas shower which was also this past weekend and our couples shower in Louisiana coming up this weekend.

We received Jamison's baby bedding and curtains at the Dallas shower. One of the Hostesses and good friend of ours, Mom made it all for us and it is amazing! I actually cried when I walked into the room it was setup in. It's not completely setup in the nursery yet since we're still waiting on a few things but here's a peek at what the curtains and bumper look like. I'm so excited to get it all together!
Love the way this chevron looks next to the wood wall J did (and finished :))

Waiting on the mattress to put the rest of it together.  I picked out all of the fabric and love the way it all coordinates together.

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