Friday, February 1

There's always something going on

This week was BUSY! I love being busy because it causes me to not veg out on the couch in front of the TV all night long, however, 29 weeks pregnant, I definitely need my rest!

Monday night we had a movie night and our friend Preston joined. We went and saw Gangster Squad. Great movie!! I absolutely love Ryan Gosling. He for sure stole my heart the moment I watched The Notebook. If you haven't seen it yet - GO SEE IT!! Especially while its still at the theaters. I was told by a friend that we need to see as many movies as we can before Baby J gets here. I'd probably see one everyday if I could. Next on the movie agenda - Zero Dark Thirty....just need to make sure I have 3 hours to spare :)

Tuesday was yucky - weather of course! But I was still able to go out to dinner with my Mom and Aunt Nicki. Such a fun night of talking about babies (and laughing at everything that was not available to them as it is to us now), craft projects and life! My Mom and Aunt are not actually related. They've been best friends though for over 30 years before us kids were born and I've just always called her Aunt and her kids my cousins. They are definitely family - blood related or not.
The restaurant we went to - not recommended for service, maybe give it a whirl for the food. I've got prego brain and can not remember the name but its entrance is facing Chick-fila and its on the northeast corner of Custer and 121 in the Target parking lot. Our server - horrible! She didn't write anything down, brought me the wrong soup and the wrong fried rice (after questioning what I really ordered....really lady, cause I don't order Veggie Fried Rice - yuck!) and totally ignored us once that check was paid. The food wasn't bad and at least I had good company so the night wasn't a total bust! Bottom line - if you find yourself at Target and have a craving for Chinese - get it ToGo if you decide to try this 'wonderful' place. Or just go to Chili's in the same parking lot - the food there is way better!

Wednesday started off at the Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine. When J got a call from this facility to make an appointment he confirmed with the receptionist that he would not wake up from anesthesia pregnant! Silly man!
J has had upper back pain since I've known him.  When he was in his early 20's, a doctor once told him he had the back of a 55 year old man!  He's been going to a chiropractor who suggested Epidural Steroid Injections and this is where it was performed. He's had them before several years ago but never did the two follow-up sessions so I'm hoping this will work wonders for him if he of course, follows the doctor's orders.
I've never fully known the pain he feels daily until halfway through my second trimester when I started having pretty bad lower back pain. Thankfully it's not an all day constant feeling but I'm pretty conscious now about complaining about it when he's around :). Here's a fun little photo I got of him before he was wheeled back.

Last night was our last Childbirth Class. I will say, in the 3 classes we've had, there have definitely been some funny videos and pictures! But, I am soooo glad we decided to do these. Our instructor was awesome and we really learned a lot of good information. Next up for classes is Childcare, Infant Safety & CPR and the oh-so-fun Breastfeeding class!
I'm getting more and more excited and anxious for this little guy to come. His kicks and movements are way more pronounced now and it's still the best feeling in the world. While I was sleeping the other night, J told me he was feeling my belly and Jamison was moving like crazy. He was amazed that it didn't keep me up all night. The past few nights I swear he's giving me a fist bump - he jabs me so hard and then leaves it there until I massage it down. He's already a jokester just like his Daddy :) We're already so in love with him and cant wait for his arrival in 10 weeks! Here's the latest picture of Baby J (if you can't tell, I have many names for him) and my growing belly.
Look at that sweet profile!  This was from his 3D Ultrasound we had when I was 28 weeks.  So glad we did this!  We've got our next doctor's appointment on Monday the 4th then I start going to every two weeks....really hoping we'll get another sneak peak of this guy again soon.

And to end our crazy week....nursery fun!! I'll have a more in depth post of our transformation of the office into the nursery hopefully in the next few days when it's complete. Tonight, J will be finishing up the final accent wall and I'll be starting on the crate bookcases. Pictures coming soon!!

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