Friday, February 1

Becoming Baby Wise

On the recommendation of Sweet Peas, where Jamison will go once my maternity leave is over, I've finally purchased (and received) the book 'On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nightime Sleep'. I read just the first chapter last night and already I feel as if it'll be pretty helpful! By the title, you'd think the book is all about how to get your baby to sleep but so far, it's so much more than that.
I remember telling J about a month ago that one thing I want to make sure we don't lose sight of is time for and with each other. Especially when the baby comes. In this first chapter, there's a part in here about what parents need to know to keep their marriage alive and well so they can be the best parents for their child.

1. Continue Living! Life does not stop once the baby arrives. It may slow down for a few weeks, but it should not stop entirely.
- This is very true for me. We're not party people by any means but I absolutely don't want to be those parents that never leave their house or won't ever use a babysitter (Thanks in advance Mom!). I very much believe that your baby is becoming a part of YOUR life and while there are of course many changes that you have to accommodate for the baby it certainly does not mean your life has stopped.

2. Date your spouse.
- J and I now don't go on regular weekly dates but I definitely want to make sure we start. Whether it be at home, taking a walk around the neighborhood, going to see a movie, etc. Nothing that has to be crazy expensive, just something to keep our relationship as Husband and Wife going and growing.

3. Continue those loving gestures that were enjoyed before the baby came along.
- It's always the little things that are the most appreciative. For example, whenever J is in the shower, 9 times out of 10 he has not put a towel out for him to use when done. So after a few times of him hollering at me while I was in another room to get him a towel, I now instinctively just come in to the bathroom and get him a towel before he even asks. I'm looking out for him the same way he does with me on other things. We can't lose sight of that and I feel like that will teach our son too in the long road what doing for others looks like and feels like especially when you're appreciated for it.

4. Practice Couch Time.
- This talks about the fact that you should take 15 minutes a day to sit down on the couch to actually discuss your day. Honestly, that won't happen with us. The question will be asked yes, but not in a structured format :) J does travel with his job and he works exclusively from home when he's not. I have a full time job as well with minimal travel and I have the privilege of working from home but do also have an office. We are constantly talking or texting throughout the day so I'm thinking (fingers crossed) this will continue!

5. Know what to expect of each other before your baby arrives.
- I love this. Sometimes the expectations that you put on your spouse can become a disappointment. I may be thinking one thing and J a totally different thing and that can just be frustrating. We need to be on the same page with parenting and the daily household 'chores' especially once the baby comes home. I feel like we're pretty good with holding true to this now, we'll just need to add the parenting in. I know J will be a wonderful Daddy and I'm going to learn so much from him! We will work together, help each other and be the support for one another as we go through this new chapter in our lives.

So, one chapter in and I'm totally hooked! I'll let you all know how the rest goes :)

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