Saturday, March 23

37 Weeks and Ready

I haven't been more ready for Baby J to make his debut then in the last week or so. I am miserable! Which totally sucks since my entire pregnancy has been pretty easy breezy. I know I shouldn't complain too much because I've had it easier than most but at this point, I'm just over it and ready to see my little man. Here are my top 3 complaints and non-complaints.

1. My sciatic nerve is being bothered full force now. I can be sitting on the couch, completely still and it spasms and makes me feel like my leg is going to fall off. Thankfully when I had an attack yesterday, J came to my rescue and rubbed my hip and leg until it subsided. But when I was at Target a few days ago, I almost fell to the floor crying because it hurt so bad and that was after a wonderful prenatal massage that the masseuse spent extra time on that area.

2. On top of that, my hands!! The tingling and numbness is something I've never felt before. It's all day, everyday and has actually become painful. I can barely even open a bottle or lock a door properly and sometimes I feel just completely helpless.

3. I feel like the laziest person in the world and though I'll get my spurts of energy, I would still rather just sit on the couch or lay in the bed. I haven't even left the house since Thursday except for this afternoon to get a much needed pedicure. At least I am still doing laundry and cooking dinner on occasion. And we've gotten the nursery (especially the closet) to a pretty organized state which was tiring in itself! J has been wonderful with getting the rest of our 'vision' for the nursery together and helping around the house so we don't look like the messiest people on the block. I have also packed our hospital bag so one less thing to worry about.

1. Baby J is still moving and kicking like crazy. I'm pretty sure he's telling us to get him out of there! My favorite is when he kicks and I push on his little feet, he pushes right back. That's real interaction there!

2. Contractions - this normally wouldn't be a plus I'm sure but I'm hoping this means it won't be too long. They're very sporadic, not painful, and have been going on for about a week. I couldn't believe it when I told the nurse about my 'cramping' at my last appt that they were contractions. I guess I wasn't expecting them until I was in full labor.

3. I'm absolutely in love with the nursery. It's not completely done yet but I know when it is it will be my most favorite room in the house. We always catch Coco casually walk in, stay a few minutes, then come out. At first I thought she was leaving us little surprises in there but I think she's just as excited as us for the new addition to our little family to finally arrive.

Easter is next weekend and I would just love a little Easter baby - or an April Fool's baby....that could be fun in the future :)

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  1. You are in the homestretch not too much longer now! And girl be lazy and lay around as much as you can because those days will be hard to come by soon (but sooo worth it!)