Sunday, March 17


Anybody as in love with Instagram as I am?? All the filters and ways to manipulate the look of your photos are my favorite! I've been participating in the Photo a Day posts for a few months now and although some of the pictures are super random, it's fun to figure out each day what to post. You can find the list each month on the Fat Mum Slim blog. And when you post your picture include the hash tag #fmsphotoaday

Join Instagram if you're not on there already and participate! I love checking my homepage and seeing everyone's pictures each day. Best part of Instagram, you don't get 8 million notifications if others leave a comment on someone else's picture if you did too. You only get notified of your own comments.

Here are mine from February:
Day 1: favorite comeback to I Love You that Justin and I say.
Day 2: Pattern....fabric for the nursery
Day 3: Something beginning with 'E'.....exersaucer! Hope we get one of these for Baby J!
Day 4: Hope....hoping that these crackers help ease my nausea. 30 weeks pregnant and I got my first look at morning sickness today :(
Day 5: Something you Palmers lotion for my tum (praying for no stretch marks) and my favorite lotion, Be Enchanted from Bath and Body Works
Day 6: sweet girl laying on her fleece blanket
Day 7: Name....picture from my wedding day 2 years ago. My new last name on a plaque that my Mom got us.
Day 8: Something cardi for tonight!
Day 9: Guilty Pleasure....Cheetos Puffs! I'm obsessed with these :)
Day 10: 3 o'clock....unloading groceries!
Day 11: Entrance.....Early Valentine's Day dinner at Babe's Chicken!
Day 12: Where you ate lunch....Rosa's, my fav fast Mexican!
Day 13: Walking....going to surprise Daddy at the airport since his flight got in early :)
Day 14: Love is....this guy sending me a weekly 'You're Hubby Loves You Very Much' calendar invite. Makes me smile big when this pops up!
Day 15: Inside your fridge
Day 16: Perfect....perfect little guitar I surprised Justin w/for Jamison! Daddy and Son jam session in a few years!
Day 17: In Your Hand....painting Jamison's crate bookcases
Day 18: Something You Don't Like....folding socks- hate every minute of it!
Day 19: I am....I am pretty sure Coco will be REAL excited when I get home w/three dogs!!
Day 20: Where I view of NYC by far from our baby moon/anniversary trip!
Day 21: Full....full from lunch and little man is moving like crazy!
Day 22: Makes You friend Aaron got me this as part of my gift at my work shower. The first charm is stamped w/Jamison 2013, the three penny's have the year Justin and I were married, the year he was born and the year I was born, the heart charm says Mahaffey and the last one says Lucky Us. I am absolutely in love w/this and it now sits on my keychain so it's w/me always :)
Day 23: One Word.....Beautiful! Love the diaper cake my Aunt made for Jamison!
**I seemed to have skipped Day 24 :)
Day 25: On Your Bedside night time essentials.
Day 26: Quiet....until Justin gets wheeled back and he starts his crazy talk from the anesthesia!
Day 27: Playing....Coco and MY heart pillow :)
Day 28: Upside Down....candles - this could be dangerous!

March is already in full swing :)

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