Friday, April 12

Jamison - Week 1

I cannot believe my little man is already a week old! What a week this has been. We love him more and more everyday and still are in awe that he is all ours. I'm not going to do an every week update, probably monthly going forward; but one week of life is pretty significant so here we go :)
Weight: At birth he weighed in at 7lbs 6oz. Thankfully he was not the 10lbs 11oz that my husband was! When we were discharged on Sunday, he had lost 6% of his birth weight (anything less than 10% is normal) and weighed in at 6lbs 11oz. He had his first pediatrician appointment on Tuesday and was 6lbs 9.5oz. He is in the 12th percentile in weight!
Health: He is perfect :) He swallowed a bit of amniotic fluid so the first few days at the hospital and home he was spitting that up. He also had blocked tear ducts that made his eyes a little goopy. Both seem to be clear and gone!
Sleep: The first two nights home were a little rough. But the last three nights have been perfect. We were waking him up every three hours to feed and his days/nights were very messed up. With the advice of our pedi, she said to start letting him wake us up at night to feed. So glad we started that! The first night we tried this we put him down around 10:30pm and he woke up at 1:30am and 5:30am to feed. And then woke up for the day at 9am. The second night he woke up only once at 3am. Last night was a bit more challenging but I know we'll get back on track tonight :)
Clothes: He wears newborn size and we've already almost run out! He didn't have as many of those size because I think everyone (including myself) thought he would be the size of J when he was born! Today I have him in a 0-3 month onesie that's a little too big.
Visitors: We've had a ton of visitors over the last week. Jamison (though asleep most of the time) has already met so many of his Aunts/Uncles, Grandparents and future Best Friends. He'll be meeting his little cousin Kayleigh tonight and of course, more visitors this weekend!
Diet: Breast Milk! We had a little trouble at first while I was in the hospital. I was pretty sure our night nurse wanted to quit after the 10th time I called for her after the first night! But after a few days Jamison and I were both able to get the hang of it.
Baby Gear Love: Our most used product is definitely the Boppy and the pack n play. I use the Boppy everyday to nurse and we've been putting him in the pack n play at night to sleep in our bedroom. Before birth I was dead set on putting him in his crib at night right away....things definitely change once they're actually here :)
Crying: This kid hates the diaper change! And we've gotten peed on a few times which I think he secretly likes! And he cries when he's hungry. Other than that, he's pretty chill.
Likes: Jamison loves skin to skin time with both Daddy and Mommy. We learned from the pedi on Tuesday that its mostly because he can hear our heart beat and that's familiar to him.

Milestone: He's already lifting his head pretty well during tummy time and he's becoming more alert everyday.

We can't imagine life pre-Jamison now. He's been such a blessing to us and I'm so glad God chose this little boy for us. He's absolutely wonderful and puts the biggest smile on our faces everyday. He's truly our match and despite the sometimes sleepless nights, it's all worth it!


  1. oh my gosh! He is too perfect!!! And look at that head of hair! I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog!

  2. Oh my goodness, he is so cute! I lovvvve his hair!! Congratulations!

  3. love this! And I was wondering about where he was sleeping after our long convos about putting him in his crib :) He is so perfect and I can't wait to meet him in 2 weeks!!!