Monday, April 15

Eat, Sleep & Get Dirty

It's so very true what they say about a newborn - they eat, sleep & dirty up those diapers! And of course cuddles and cute little faces in between :)

Little Man is pretty good about his every 3 hour feedings during the day. However, we made the mistake of introducing a bottle too early (breast milk and only because we had company over and had some stored already) and caused a little bit of confusion. I was being rejected, which made me incredibly sad. So I was going to be 'ok' with strictly pumping after that. Wow - that's exhausting! And the time the entire bottle spilled and another time we heated it way too hot made me want to cry for hours. It's a lot of work getting that out to not be used! This all worked for about a day or two until the worse thing happened and we ran out of stored milk for his first feeding on Sunday. Thankfully after about 20 minutes of convincing a week and two day old baby that he better not reject me or risk starving to death we are back on track. And I've vowed to not use a bottle again until we're absolutely ready to go that route or if I'm out of the house and J has to feed him.

Oh to get this baby asleep! He's a champ during the day....falls asleep after each feeding until the next. Nighttime is a different story. He's sleeping and waking up on his own to be fed about every 4-5 hours but it's his location of sleep that is becoming a problem. The pack n play is too 'open' for him and if we have a paci in his mouth at bedtime, forget it because if that thing falls out, he hates life until its back in (possibly another mistake introducing too early but if it soothes him, I'm going to do it!). So on to Plan B (really plan G): J is back to work so to not disturb him, last night I slept on the couch. I plan on doing this until little man gets used to a place to sleep. A friend of mine let me borrow the cradle she used with her boys. It's big but it's enclosed enough that I think he'll be pretty comfortable in it. He really likes to be snuggled in! We've put it next to the couch and put him in there last night after his 8pm feeding and he was wide awake most of the time until his 11pm feeding. Put him back in there after he fell asleep and he was NOT feeling it. So, little man got to sleep with me on the couch - which I absolutely loved by the way! On to today - he's napped in the cradle twice - Yay!!! We'll try nighttime sleep in there again tonight and will keep trying until he gets used to it which I'm hoping is soon. Until then, I don't mind sleeping on the couch, it's actually not too bad, but there's nothing better than sleeping in your actual bed :)

Get Dirty:
When we got discharged from the hospital and got home, little man hadn't had a bowel movement in over 12 hours. We called the pediatrician and they told us what we needed to do and it worked times 10. He poops all. the. time. I know I know, babies poop - but shamwow he's a marathon pooper! At least we know he's getting the right nutrients :) And I got pooped on yesterday - which was horrible but he's just so darn cute that I of course forgave him!! What made up for it was the two times he peed on J today :)

On another note - I'm 3 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight!!! 3!! I can't believe it - the pounds really do shed from breast feeding.

I leave you with a bath time shot and what I hope to be a permanent sleeping spot until we transition him to the crib!

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