Wednesday, May 22

Flying with a baby....solo


The babe and I will be taking our first flight together on Friday. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've mastered the week's by myself (when J is out if town), we've already gone on one road trip to Houston w/a one night hotel stay - so what's the big deal with an hour long flight??

Well, if Jamison has ear popping problems like his Momma does, we're in trouble!  I've flown all my life - starting probably at his age. I'm not sure if this was a problem then but no matter how hard I chew/smack a piece of gum, it never fails that my ears don't pop and I'm in pain for at least a few hours. So, let's hope he'll be good in that department and that I have lots of paci's ready for him!

I'm also terrified that I'm going to be 'that Mom with that Baby' that's screaming his head off for the entire flight. But I have to keep telling myself that if I'm able to calm him down at home, I should be able to in public especially on an airplane....right?? Plus, I'll never see these people again. Unless of course they're on my same flight home on Sunday, avoiding me like the plague and giving me and my sweet boy the evil eye.  

And all that is running through my crazy mind is:
Will I have enough diapers?  What if he has a blow out on the plane?  How do you change a baby's diaper in those super tiny bathrooms?  He has the smelliest BM' do I mask the smell?  How many bottles should I bring?  Do I have enough burp cloths (since my son is currently the King of spitting up)?  How many change of clothes and should they be long sleeve or short sleeve?  Heavy blanket or light blanket?  The questions go on and on and on in this head of mine - those were just a select few!

I know in the end we will be fine, the flight will be perfect and little man will do great.  Or at least that's what I've been praying for every night :)

Any advice is definitely welcome!

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