Monday, May 27

We Survived!

And we're officially retiring the swaddle (more on that at the end of this post)!

Best advice I can give for flying with a baby at 7 weeks....act like it's a normal day at home.  If you don't freak out and become a nervous nelly then your babe will be just as relaxed.

Going through security was a breeze and they actually let me go through the priority access line.  I took through the car seat, stroller and the diaper bag. They tested my three bottles of water, coo'd over the baby and his hair and let us go on through!

By the time we were starting to board Jamison was getting hungry.  To make sure he took the bottle at take off, I switched from the bottle to his paci every ounce or so. It pissed him off in the beginning but then was gradually becoming used to it. He quickly fell into a milk coma afterwards and slept the whole flight. I did have to shove his paci in his mouth though when we landed.

Another good piece of advice - having your babe as a lap baby is FREE and if you're on a flight that is not full, they'll let you bring your car seat on and use an extra seat.  I had called the airline last week to see how much an infant seat would cost and it was going to be $300!  So I gate checked the car seat and the flight attendant brought it back to me and gave us our own row.  

For both flights, he did so great and I was one proud Momma for not having the screaming baby (like the poor woman a few rows back from me)!

Here are a few pics from our trip:
Snug as a bug!
Meeting his great grandparents
Jamison loved his Granny!
Moo put him in a milk coma
Jamison & Scooter
Aunt Emmy & Jamison - breakfast!
My big boy - 7 weeks old!
Hanging out with Pops

To end the trip my Granny let me know that if I swaddled little man again that she'd call J and have him swaddle me.  'How would you like to be swaddled and made to feel you were in a straight jacket?' Yes ma'am Granny!  He slept great!

Happy Monday (is there such a thing??) and Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all the Men and Women who have served and our currently serving our country!

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