Tuesday, May 7

In the last 4 1/2 weeks....

- have been pooped and peed on
- have cried and will probably continue to cry at the littlest things
- have done laundry every day
- have not been on time
- have gone a few days without a shower
- have forgotten to brush my teeth on more than one occasion
- have been drenched in spit up
- have been that Mom in Target who's baby won't stop crying
- have been sleep deprived
- have been frustrated by lack of milk production/nursing in general which then makes me frustrated at the price of formula
- have washed bottle, after bottle, after bottle....
- have never said nipple more times in my life than I do now
- have never been more in love in such a short period of time
- look forward to little man's many facial expressions as he wakes up 
- love watching him make new discoveries like the dog or the toys hanging from his play mat
- am still in awe that he grew in me and was a part of me for 9 months
- am in love with his hair
- cant wait for him to say Momma but will keep him this little forever
- love that my first baby (Coco) adores her little brother
- am glad he looks exactly like his Daddy
- will be chronicling everyday of his life until I'm sure he's moved out of the house or he tells me to stop
- kiss him what feels like a thousand times a day
- love when he holds on to my finger while I'm feeding him
- am incredibly happy

This is my life.....and I wouldn't change it for the world!!

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