Sunday, May 5

One Month Update

Holy Smokes this month has gone by so fast. Still can't believe our little man is here and how incredibly happy and complete he's made J and I. I'm one of those super annoying Mom's that blows up my friend's home pages on Instagram and FB with pictures - though I do try and limit it to one or two a day :)

We have a pediatrician appointment on Tuesday so I'll get his current stats then.  When we were there for his two week appointment he weighed 7lbs 11oz and grew 1 inch from birth.

Fun Jamison Facts:

He loves tummy time and already has the best head/neck control. During the day, if we don't put him in his nursery, we've set him on his activity mat to nap on his tummy (with our supervision).  It amazes me that he can already move his head from side to side.  I tell J all the time that I think he's 'advanced' :).

Nighttime sleep is getting tons better. When he was sleeping in our room he would wake up about 2-3 times in the middle of the night to feed and it would sometimes take him a hot fussy minute to fall back asleep. So we ended up starting him in his nursery at night last week and it's been great! Not exactly in his crib but we did bring the Rock n Play Sleeper from our room into his nursery to sleep in. Hey - it's a start right :) We have the monitor on and I actually have to sleep in my glasses now so I can see him!  He has slept anywhere from 5 hours to 8 hours through the night; it just depends on when we've fed him last/put him down to sleep.  I'm hoping to get him on a more consistent schedule in the next few weeks, especially before I go back to work.
This was a rare night that I actually had him in bed with us.

He is a lot more alert and it just melts our hearts when he locks eyes with us. Sometimes we'll get a crooked grin which I absolutely love! We've been showing him Baby Einstein videos and he looks so entranced when watching them. Not sure what he sees if anything but I like to think he's enjoying it :)
Coco is still his biggest fan and will check on him anytime she hears him cry. Jamison actually reached out and touched her last week. They're going to be the best of friends.
He HATES to be burped in the middle of feeding and I tell him every time that this is the feeding routine and to get used to it bud :)  I think he feels like when I take the bottle away to burp him that that's all he's going to get.  He's taking 4 oz so I'm pretty sure he'll weigh a pound or two more on Tuesday.

His reflux has gotten a little better. We started him on Prevacid about two weeks ago. Although he still has his fussy times it doesn't seem near as bad.  His spitting up is about the same, maybe a little better at times.  I plan on talking with the pedi on Tuesday about it.  In fact tonight, while I was feeding him, he burped while the bottle was still in his mouth and it was like a geyser coming out - all over him, me, the was a pleasant start to my Sunday evening!  It seemed to have taken alot out of him and he's sleeping like an angel now.
He is the gassiest baby ever and if you're ever holding him he will more than likely poot on you...sometimes he gives a little giggle too while doing it. I've started putting gas relief drops in his bottle which seems to be helping.

He loves his paci but when he loses it, he literally loses it! If only we could strap it to his mouth without being arrested :) But it soothes him in the end and I just want my boy to be happy!
I've been trying to take him outside and on walks. Momma's gotta get the baby fat off and I think he just loves the outdoors. Plus it's good family time and J and I like to check out all the neighbors landscaping.
He loves meeting new people.  I know this because he gladly will go to anyone, without crying.  It's great - especially because in his 4 weeks of life - he's met alot of people!  This pic below is just a few of the wonderful friends and family that little man has met that I had on my phone.
He loves when Daddy holds him. I say he's in Baby Heaven by the look of pure joy on his face during this time. He also loves The Bellamy Brothers - we found that out while J rocked him to sleep the other night.
He looks EXACTLY like his Daddy. I only birthed him and he has my blood type. Though I can't be too sad that he doesn't look like me because my Hubby is quite handsome :)
Best thing so far:
Me - When he's laying on my chest. The way he curls up on me is the sweetest thing in the world!
J - Everything - especially his Mohawks!
He has been such a blessing and everyday is an eye opening new experience with him. It's amazing how much he's already changed since we brought him home and we're looking forward to seeing life through his eyes in the days, months and years to come!
We love you so much bud!!

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