Wednesday, June 19

Little Brother

I often wonder what my life would've been like to grow up with a little brother.  And not just any little brother - my little brother, Ryan William Sharpley.  Ryan was born on June 19, 1985 and passed away while my Mom was in labor.  We would've been 16 months apart in age.

I like to think that we would've been the best of friends.  Playing with each others toys - he would play Barbie's with me and I would play with cars and trucks with him.  We would definitely drive our Mom and Dad crazy and probably have our own secret language that only we would know and would giggle everytime someone tried to decipher it.

As we grow older, he has crushes on my friends and I think all of his friends are gross and stinky.  We fight a lot but then make up because that's what siblings do.  I'm his biggest cheerleader and he's my biggest fan (in this dream - I'm an awesome singer/dancer :) ).

We go to school together and look after each other.  We don't avoid each other in the hallway and on occasion we'll have lunch together.  We help each other with homework....I'm the worst at English and Math and I'm going to say those are his strongest subjects. 

Whenever any boyfriends would come around he would be my protective little brother, giving the guy a speech about respect and make sure she's home by curfew.  Which I then remind him that I'm the older sister and he can't tell us what to do. 

Fast forward to when I met Justin.  They instantly have a bond and Justin is a great role model for him.  If he wasn't already into music he is now and I push them to start a band together.  Ryan on drums, Justin on guitar and vocals.  And I'll sing harmony and back-up (remember, I'm an awesome singer). 

He is a groomsmen in our wedding and our sons favorite Uncle.  He comes over for playdates at least once a week.  He will probably teach Jamison some weird off the wall things but we all laugh about it because he learned it from his Uncle Ryan.

And when he meets the woman of his dreams, gets married and has kids of his own, I will be the favorite Aunt...the one that spoils the kids rotten and they get so excited to see when they come over.  And my sister in law and I will have that bond as well.  They of course would have to live near us too.  We'd have big family dinners on Sunday's and double date nights once the kiddos get older.

I tear up when I think of all of the would've beens...but I have comfort in knowing that although I never got to meet my little brother Ryan, we will meet in the afterlife and can officially start our adventures.

Happy 28th Birthday little brother!

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