Thursday, July 4

3 Month Update

Bud - wow!!  3 months!  I still remember the instant love I felt 91 days ago when I held you in my arms for the first time.  Your Daddy and I still say on a daily basis how much we love you and how happy we are to be your parents.  

Weight: You were 12.5 pounds when I weighed you at 10 weeks.  I'm guessing you're a little over 13 pounds now. 

Length: We'll find this out on August 5th at your 4 month appointment.

Eating: 6oz every 4 hours. And you suck that bottle down!

Sleep: You have gotten soooo much better and more consistent with your sleep since starting childcare at Sweet Peas. You nap three times a day for two hours, to bed at 8pm, one last bottle at 10pm, and then immediately back to bed.  You've been consistently sleeping until about 4-5am but truly wake up for the day at 6am.  I keep thinking that your 4-5am wake up call is you letting us know you're still here :) Cause you immediately go back to sleep.

Diapers: Still in a size 1.  You've had two blowouts since you've been born. One was right after your Daddy fed you. You were sitting in your boppy next to Daddy on the couch when you started to stink pretty bad. He lifted you up and realized you had pooped - everywhere!  We had to throw your onesie away and do a serious deep cleaning on the couch :) Your second went up your back and your Momma almost puked cleaning you up!

Clothes: Some of your 0-3 months but mostly just 3 months fit. I've found that the 3 months fit you perfectly around but your torso seems to be a little short so the crotch always hangs down a bit!

Things you love:
- Your Sophie/Georgie...your Daddy says it needs a boy name :)
- Your Family.  You've gotten to spend so much time this month with your Grandma (who also helped take care of you for 3 days while Momma was sick and Daddy was out of town), your Papa, Uncle Cameron & Uncle Collin.  They even kept you while we went to a wedding. And then a week with your Granny & Paw, Aunt Cassie, Uncle Christian & Cousin Kayleigh, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Bryan, Cousin Walker & Cousin Ellie, Grammy & Mr. Bill.  You had the best time with them while we've been at the beach! Next weekend you'll be meeting a lot of Grandma's family for the first time in Montana.  And in just a few weeks you'll be seeing your Moo, Pops & Aunt Emie.  
- Laughing and smiling.  Nowadays we can just look at you and you get the biggest grin on your face.  It's the sweetest thing, especially when you do it in your sleep.
- Bath time with Daddy
- You've discovered your fist and will stick the whole thing in your mouth

What you can do this month:
- Rollover!  You can now rollover from your back to your tummy.  You had been doing it at Sweet Peas for a few days then finally did it at home. You mastered the tummy to back rollover at about 3 weeks old so we've been waiting patiently for this :)
- Grabbing for things (and actually knowing what you're doing)
- Master Houdini - you can break out of a swaddle very quickly!
- Scoot/Army crawl - not exactly a real crawl yet but you can get those legs moving and seconds later you're on the other side of your playmat.

We're so proud of you buddy and how good you are already. For our family beach trip you had 3 days straight in the car seat for at least 4 hours, you've been out of your normal day to day environment for a week, yet you've still managed to be the happy baby that we love so much!  You make it easy to be your Momma and Daddy and we already know you're going to teach us so much.  

We love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean!