Tuesday, July 30

6 Year Old Birthday Fun!

We had the pleasure of hosting two of our best friends kids birthdays this weekend.  They both live in Louisiana and instead of having a party there, they decided to come to the Big D to celebrate!  We love these kiddos like they're are own.  We've known them since birth and they are all such cuties!  Their parents - Meredith & Pat (JP, age 6 and Addison, age 2) and Morgan & Cody (Marlee, age 6 and Stark (aka Starknado), age 2) went to college with Justin and they were in a Fraternity together as well.  So glad to have these people in our lives - they are truly some great people!

J and I had to work on Friday so while we did that, they all went to the aquarium.  They had a blast and we were so sad to miss it. 
 Meredith, Pat, Addison & JP
 Marlee & JP
 Addison & JP
Addison, Marlee & JP
Saturday, we got up and went to the waterpark!!  J and I were so excited that we got to go with them and our friends Hayes and Paige joined us as well.  We went to Hawaiian Falls and it was sooo much better than Hurrican Harbor.  Far less busy and definitely more clean.  J brought out the fancy camera and got some great pictures of the kiddos which I'll update the post with once they're downloaded.  Here's JP and I though on our way there - we were excited :)
The baby stayed at Grandma's for the weekend :(  We just knew he would be thrown off of his routine if he stayed home and would get no sleep whatsoever.  With 4 kids and already loud adults - it wouldn't have been good for him.  He's also been a little congested for a few weeks so we thought it best to not be around the kids too much.  He had so much fun though and Grandma loved having him.
Saturday night was the birthday celebration complete with Hamburgers w/Cheese (as JP calls them), Icecream Cake, Cupcakes, Cornhole, Ladderball and Football.  Our neighbors came over, our friends Amber & Josh with their little girl Emerson and Paige & Hayes too.  Cody's sister and brother inlaw were over also with their two little girls who also came to the waterpark with us.  It was a great way to end the weekend!
 JP and Marlee's yummy icecream cake
 Starknado & Addison on Hayes' motorcycle.  They looked like naturals!
 Hayes & Cody
 Love these girls!  Morgan, Meredith, Paige and I (from Friday night)
 Sweet Emerson got stuck in Jamison's bumbo!  She's such a cutie!
We mustache you a question....

  We were so glad that they all decided to come and stay with us and celebrate JP and Marlee's birthdays in our neck of the woods.  Hopefully we can make a tradition out of it :)  We also got a glimpse into our future with more kids!  House full of noise that I actually really missed on Monday!

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