Sunday, July 28


I'm a HUGE fan of Pinterest. Since having the baby I haven't had time to do many crafts or cook.  Now that little man has his routine down, I'm going to pick it up again!  

Here are a few things I'll (hopefully) be working on:

My inspiration for Amity's 1st birthday wreath.  I've already gotten the supplies and hope to be done this week.  I took her invitation and matched the tulle and ribbon and will just need to spray paint my letters.  Unfortunately, I don't have the link for this one.

Curtain hanger made from wood and hooks.  I want this on my breakfast nook window.

I love the look of a chalkboard in your house.  The endless possibilities of what you can write, different fonts you can use and it just plain looks cool!

This looks delish!  It's a vegetarian meal but I'll probably add some chicken or sausage to it.

Cinnamon rolls are my weakness. I used to work in Downtown Dallas and we used to get cinnamon rolls from this little place down the street. They were soooo good! And they were humongous - literally fit in a large togo container!

This is a good start for me!  Baby steps to becoming a true Martha Stewart :)

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  1. Good luck with your Pinterest projects! Let us know how they turn out!!