Monday, July 15

Family Vaca(s) 2013

We've had a very busy few weeks and little man is already a great traveler at 3 months.  

We went with J's family to Fort Morgan, AL over 4th of July and then to Bozeman, MT the next weekend with my Mom's family.  The travel was a little much for little man but all in all he did really great.

If you've never been to Fort Morgan you must make a trip.  It's so pretty there and not too touristy like Gulf Shores.  It definitely takes forever to get there (especially when you're driving with a 3 month old and you go on a holiday weekend) but once you're there, let the fun begin!

We stayed in a house with 10 adults, 3 kids and the baby. It was the perfect size for all of us.  The beach was right out the back porch and we also had a pool that was shared between the two houses next door.  

J's family is great - I really couldn't ask for better in-laws!  The kids: Walker, Ellie & Kayleigh had such a great time. It's so fun seeing things through a child's eyes - especially when the fireworks came.  I can't wait to experience all of that with little man.  They just loved the beach and couldn't wait to get out there every day.  

We ended up leaving a day early because the weather was horrible and I desperately wanted to get my boy home and back to sleeping normal!  We did pretty well with his schedule but nighttime sleep towards the end of the week was awful - it was like he was a newborn again.  I'm so glad we got to spend that time with family though and can't wait for the next vacation with all of them!

Montana was BEAUTIFUL!  We don't get mountains, lots of trees and great weather where we live in TX....especially in the middle of July!  Little man did great on the flights too and loved looking out the window.

My beautiful cousin Erin got married and the wedding location was perfect. It was rustic and country and I was a little jealous of the scenery that was a backdrop to their ceremony.  

I tried food that I never had before - Buffalo, Pheasant, and Bison. They also had a pig roast for dinner.  Now - I would've tried this BUT I made the mistake of seeing the poor thing (named Wilbur) and I just couldn't eat him!  He's kind of cute though and smelled delicious! 

We had such a great time and little man got to meet a ton of family for the first time. Here's him with my Grandma and his 'Lolo'.

And I just LOVE to get all dolled up!  

I'm looking forward to the next few weekends at home.  We've been gone quite a bit lately so to know I'll be home for at least the next 3 weekends makes this girl super happy!!

I leave you with my little man - 14 weeks and 14.5 pounds today!

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