Monday, August 5

4 Month Update

My little man...
You have changed soooo much in the past 4 weeks!  Your personality is showing through everyday and we've already determined that you're just the happiest baby.  Just to look at you and see a big huge grin on your face just melts my heart.  

Weight: 14lbs and you're in the 22nd percentile.  My scale is clearly wayyyy off at home because I weighed you two weeks ago and it said 14.5lbs.  And I know for sure you haven't lost weight because you're my little chunky monkey!

Length: 24.5 inches long and in the 25th percentile.  It's hard to believe you're 2 feet tall!

Head: 16.75 inches around and in the 80th percentile.  WOW!  You were in the 99th percentile at 2 months and I'm pretty sure Dr. K now knows where you got it from since your Daddy came to your appointment today :) 

Eating: You still take 6oz of formula every 4 hours and we now give you 7oz in your last bottle.  Dr. K let us know today that we can start you on solids too at 5 months.  I'm looking forward to watching you try new things.

Sleep: Wahoo for sleeping through the night bud!!  I actually have to wake you up in the morning now.  It's nice to wake up to an alarm instead of you crying!  You still get your last bottle at 10pm so you're sleeping from about 10:30pm to about 6-6:30am.  Momma & Daddy thank you for that!

Diapers: Size 2.  We still had a lot of size 1 diapers leftover that I thought I could use up.  But, you peed out of them one night so I officially graduated you to size 2!  Pampers Swaddlers are your favorite. We've tried the baby dry but you just do not like those.

Clothes: I have packed away your newborn and 0-3 month clothes.  You're currently in 3 months.  Since we got a lot of hand me downs (thank you friends!) we haven't really had to buy much clothes for you.  The only thing I seem to be lacking now is sleepers.  You're too long for the 3 month sleepers and the 3-6 month ones are too big and you were getting caught in them.  I've resorted to putting you in long sleeve/long pant jumpsuits.  They are my favorite and you only have three of them!  It's a good thing I already do your laundry pretty much once a day :) My goal this week though is to get you more.

Things you love:
- Bath time.  You're in the big boy tub now (in a smaller tub of course) and the look on your face when I first put you in his so funny.  It's a look of terror but then once you realize where you are, you are all smiles.
- Sleepovers.  You've gotten to stay overnight with your Moo, Aunt Emy and Ninny and a few times with your Grandma.  You LOVE getting to spend time with them.  And I'm sure they spoil you rotten :)
- Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth.  Since you're in the Exersaucer and Jumperoo now, all toys on there go in your mouth.  You even try and eat your burp cloth!
- Rocking with Momma and Daddy.  I can't help it....I know you fall asleep on your own, especially at Sweet Peas, and you do it so well....but right before we put you down for the night, we cuddle you close, put your paci in, kiss you a million times and rock you until that paci falls out.  It maybe takes about 5 minutes but those are the best 5 minutes of our day!
- Speaking of Sweet love Mrs Tracy!  Every time we go and pick you up you laugh and smile at her the whole time.  It's so cute!  You already have flirting down pat!  It definitely goes to show the care you receive there and we are blessed to be able to send you to great people like Mrs Tracy and Mr Nate.

What you can do this month:
- Belly laugh.  You laughed last month but now, it's the real deep down in the belly laughs and giggles.  We love it and it made me cry the first time you did it.  You laugh the hardest when 'chasing' your best friend Coco.
- Grabbing for things and putting them in your mouth.
- Holding your bottle by yourself.  Your hand placement's a little awkward and you drop the bottle a few times but when you're hungry and determined, you grab right for it!
- Socialize!  You love people and other babies.  We've had play dates with your future wife Harper and sweet Amity.  And you just love being around all people.  Now that you can see the world better you're a little social butterfly.

Happy happy 4 months buddy!!  You continue to amaze us everyday and we can't wait to see what you do next!

We love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean!

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