Wednesday, August 28

Jamison's Playroom

I'm an impatient person. I try not to be....I try to wait....but when I put my mind to something I just want it done - sooner rather than later.

My living room currently looks like Babies R Us.  Toys have literally taken over.  Coco doesn't even have room to run around in there.  So when J suggested we make the upstairs game room into Jamison's playroom, I enthusiastically said YES!!  Of course this isn't a 911, must get done now project (which J told me), but remember - I'm impatient :)

I've been trolling google, IKEA, Pinterest.....pretty much every website that could ever carry children's items to find my inspiration.  Here are a few ideas that I've found:

ABC Wall - My one half-way done project.  Can't wait for the finished product.




Chalkboard Wall/Art Wall:

It's a good thing J builds....because he's going to be busy :)


  1. Keep on sharing your ideas because your making my playroom decorating at the new house super easy ;) love all those ideas!