Monday, September 2

30 Before 30

**Re-published...for some reason this old post reverted to a draft**

Eek!!  I have just under 6 months until this girl turns 30!  I'm not sad or depressed about it....I won't say I'm 29 for the next few years wishing it was true...I'm going to embrace it.  I have everything I could need right now - a wonderful husband, the most amazing little boy, family, great friends and a roof over my head.  Some people don't even have 1/5 of that so I am very grateful and blessed.

I've been thinking for awhile of a 'bucket list' of some sorts but most everything would be years down the road.  Like traveling to Australia or riding a camel.  That's more than likely not happening in the next 6 months so I've shortened my list to 30 things to do before I'm 30.  I've never been one to set a goal and see it all the way through.  I HATE that about myself (#30 on the list) and I'm hoping - scratch that - I KNOW I can accomplish this.  Some may be far fetched and put into the 'years from now' category but I'm setting the goal regardless.

30 Before 30
2. Get my CHL
3. Cooking class at Central Market
4. Start a collection
5. Take a spontaneous trip
6. Play a whole round of golf
7. Plant a memory tree
8. Take a photography course
9. Go on a hot air balloon ride
10. Touch a Penguin
11. Take Salsa lessons
12. Hike to the top of a mountain
14. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
16. Photo book for Jamison of my pregnancy
17. Send family & friends real mail
18. Do more for myself
19. Keep the house organized
20. Volunteer at the Dallas VA Hospital
21. Bake something from scratch
22. Go scuba diving
23. Go rock climbing
24. Start an Etsy/Facebook store
25. Go white water rafting
26. See the Northern Lights
27. Visit the Grand Canyon
28. Go hunting and ENJOY it
29. Grow out hair long enough to donate to Locks of Love
30. Finish what I start
**Extended list...because there is a lot of things I'd like to do :)
31. Finish birth story blogpost
32. Random acts of kindness
33. Craft project at least once a month
34. Join Be The Match
35. Take a wine making class

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  1. Looks like a great list! Keep us updated on how it goes!