Thursday, September 5

5 Month Update

Jamison - Another month down and our love for you is growing and growing.  You have the funniest personality dude!!  I feel like everyday is something new and we don't want to miss a thing.

Weight: You go back to the pediatrician at 6 months but when you were weighed this week you were a whopping 16lbs.  

Length: Will know at your 6 month appointment.

Head: Will know at your 6 month appointment.

Eating: You are now taking 7oz bottles, 4 times a day.  We still have you on Similac for Spit Up and since we started you on rice cereal at 18 weeks, its gotten significantly better.  You got used to eating with a spoon pretty quick and you always try and shove it in your mouth and hold it like its your bottle.  At 20 weeks, we gave you green beans and you loved them!  After a few days of that you got peas and those are definitely not your favorite.  Your Daddy took a video of you eating them and your expression is too funny!  We will try spinach soon and then will move to 'orange' veggies.

Sleep: You are still sleeping through the night which is glorious to Momma & Daddy.  You now go to bed at 8pm and sleep until 6am, sometimes 7am.  And you are ALL over the place. We'll place you at one end of the bed and you'll be in the complete opposite position by morning.  All that moving gives you the best bed head too :) During naps you get put down awake so I always like to rock and cuddle you before bedtime.

Diapers: You are still in Size 2 Pamper Swaddlers.  

Clothes: You are in 3-6 month clothes.  You got so many clothes handed down that I was pretty sure you'd be at least 2 before I had to buy any.  But for all of your 3-6 month, they're mostly long sleeve - and it's still just too hot for that!  Thankfully, most stores are having sales on the short sleeve onesies so you have plenty now.  You're still only wearing footless jammies.  I'm hoping you'll grow a bit more to wear the footies soon though!

Things you love:
- Coco - anytime she is near you, you reach out to pet her.  And you get the biggest smile on your face when she comes over and licks you.
- Rolling over - we can barely keep you on your back!
- Your toys - your favorites are your 'Buddy' which is your taggy dog friend, your musical guitar and your Elmo book from Grandma's that you 'talk' to every time you see it.
- Food!  You sure love to eat buddy.  Whether it be your bottle or solids, you are happy happy when you see both.
- Playing with your feet and then putting them in your mouth.

What you can do this month:
- Crawling - holy smokes I can't believe you're crawling already!  Momma was out of town this week when you started but you finally showed me your moves tonight.  It made me cry but it was a happy cry! (Picture below was taken at Sweet Peas when he started crawling there)
- 'Talking' - you really like the sound of your own voice :)
- Reach out to us.  It's not all the time but on occasion, you'll reach out to one of us while the other is holding you.
- Laugh - you laugh all the time and its so contagious.  I can't help but laugh too every time I hear that sweet sound coming out of you!

Happy 5 months buddy!!  You are growing up so fast already.  We are enjoying and savoring every moment with you because we know you won't be this little and cuddly for long.  But we know you will alway be a Momma & Daddy's Boy :) 

We love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean!


  1. Wow! I cannot believe your boy is crawling! My 5 month old is nowhere near crawling! That's awesome!

    1. It's insane how quickly he's growing!! I don't even want to blink as I'm afraid I'll miss something!

  2. I love reading about people and their kids. You can definitely tell how much you love this little guy. Fun to read about you and your family!