Monday, September 30

Pinterest Update Part 1

2 out of 5 projects done from this post - not too bad, right??

I LOVE how this wreath turned out for Amity.  It was perfect and matched the invitation to a T!  Just wish we were able to go and celebrate :(  

Since I didn't have an original link in my post, here are the directions on how to re-create it.

Supplies (all found at Hobby Lobby):
 - Styrofoam wreath form - I used the white round one that can be found near the wood crafts.
 - Tulle - I used cream, blue & pink
 - Ribbon - I found different patterns and color variations of the blue & pink
 - Letters & Number
 - White spray paint
 - Hot glue gun

1. Depending on how long you want your tulle to come off of the wreath will depend on how you cut it.  I originally cut each piece about 8 inches long and then trimmed them up once it was all tied to the wreath.  
2. Tie the tulle to the wreath, alternating colors.
3. Tie your ribbon so it's a little smaller than the tulle and just vary it around the wreath.
4. Spray paint your letters and hot glue them to your wreath.
5. Spray paint your number and hang it from one of the ribbons in the middle.

Super easy and looks so fun once complete!

Now for the pasta dish: Ranch Pesto Rigatoni Bake w/Chicken.  Note to self - if the recipe calls for a 28oz can of diced tomatoes, DON'T try and substitute that for 3 cans of rotel.  Holy Hotness!!  We literally had one bite of a noodle and I felt like I needed to drink a gallon of milk.  Not quite sure where in my mind I thought this would work - or why my dear mother watched me put these 3 cans in the skillet and didn't object (love you Mom)!  Lesson learned - follow the directions!  We ended up throwing it all out and J went to Taco Bell for us instead.

I'm attempting the chalkboard art for a baby shower I'm helping to host this weekend.  Hoping it comes out better than the pasta!

Hope everyone has a great week!  

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