Tuesday, October 8

6 Month Update

Happy Happy 1/2 Birthday Buddy!! 

I can't believe that a little over 6 months ago you came into our lives, even after days of telling you to stay in just a little bit longer (that's a story for another day - your Birth Story post which I just can't seem to finish yet).  Since that day you have made us laugh, cry and thank God everyday that you are all ours.  Your smile lights up a room and your laugh will cheer up anyone on a bad day.  You already have your little personality and it's the most fun one I've seen yet!  Never in my life would I have ever looked forward to waking up before 7am but when it comes to waking up to you in the morning, I'd do it for the rest of my life with no complaints whatsoever.  The look on your face when we turn on those lights is the highlight of my day!

You went and saw Dr. Knapp yesterday at 6 months 2 days.  And the flirting you did yesterday - you're definitely going to be a little heartbreaker buddy.  You were such a trooper too with your shots but of course Momma cried when you cried but then you were back to your normal self about 10 seconds later.

Weight: 15lbs 5oz - 12th percentile

Length: 26.75 inches long - 56th percentile.  Your Daddy thinks this means you're a midget.  I kindly reminded him that just because he was that long probably by week 2 of life, does not make you a midget :)

Head: 17 inches around - 45th percentile.  Your head is finally proportioned to your body!

Eating: You desperately want our food and any other food you see that is not yours.  Same with our drinks.  You're definitely curious about it all but it's going to be a bit before we give you table food.  Squash is your favorite food so far and you have also had green beans, sweet potatoes and peas.  We mix it with rice cereal and you just love it!  You're taking 4 bottles a day, 7 ounces each and you have your food twice a day.  When you were sick a few weeks ago we automatically knew something was wrong because you refused two bottles - that is VERY unlike you to do. 

Sleep: You went through about a two week period where you would not let us rock you to sleep.  That made me so sad :(  It was just way too early for you to not need your Momma anymore.  But now we're back and it has made me so happy to be able to rock you again at night before you go to bed.  You have been sleeping from 8pm until 6am - 7am.  A few days last month you slept until about 7:30am and that was awesome.  We like our sleep bud, I'm pretty sure you'll catch on to that hopefully soon! 

Diapers: Size 2, Pampers Swaddlers. 

Clothes: 3-6 month onsies, pants & footless jammies. 6 month footed jammies and some of your onesies.  We just got your Halloween costume in and it's 6-12 month size so I'm hoping Grandma will be able to sew it up for you so it will fit.

Toys you love:
 - Crunchy books & board books
 - Blocks
 - Empty wipes box - this can entertain you forever!
 - Taggy blanket 'Buddy'
 - Play guitar

New things this month:
 - Sat up unassisted for a few minutes.  You typically do this strange lean though when you're 'resting'.
 - Focus on objects and you are determined to get them.  Coco has a small rubber ball and you will move toys out of your way to get to that ball!
 - We can sit a few feet in front of you and you will crawl into our lap.  It melted my heart the first time you did it.
 - Sucking on bottom lip.
 - Screaming.  Not bad screaming but you'll yell out and thn we do it back to you, then you do it again and so on.  You just laugh and giggle the whole time!

Working on:
 - Giving kisses
 - Saying Momma, Dada & Coco.  I know this will be a little bit...but I still ask you everyday :)

We love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean!!

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