Thursday, October 17


Watching - Real Housewives of New Jersey....right now!  And how excited is everyone for the Fall TV line-up???  I already have way too much on my DVR so am having to watch on OnDemand when I have time.  
Can we talk about Sons of Anarchy though??  **spoiler alert if you haven't watched this season**  I HATE that they put a school shooting in the first episode. It's too soon!!  And actually, having that type of content in a show will never be okay.  They went too far and I'm glad it hasn't been the biggest topic of the show in the episodes following.  

Listening to - I have a new obsession with Bruno Mars.  He's not hot by any means but dang he's got some good songs!  Next concert on my bucket list (after Zac Brown Band) will have to be him.  Hint hint babe :)

Thinking about - Work.  It's busy and I'm loving it but sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.  This week was a little crazy.  Two, two day meetings back to back w/an event each night.  Mon-Tues was at the office and Wed-Thurs was in Tulsa.  I've seen J and the babe for maybe a total of 2 waking hours this week :( 

Loving - J just took a new job with NO travel. I'm so proud of him and what he's accomplished in his career.  He's really wanted in his industry and it's pretty awesome!  Life will be so much better with him home and he won't miss a thing :)

Reading - American Sniper by Chris Kyle.  Halfway through and it's definitely recommended.  I have so much respect for this guy and what he stood for.  This book gives you such an insight to his life and what he went through.  It's really amazing to me that time after time he'd go back to war.  It was his calling and he was good at it.  And all the while his wife stood right there by him until the day he died.  I saw Taya speak a few months ago and what a strong woman she is.  Thank you J for introducing me to this book.

Making me happy - This guy

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