Sunday, October 20

#13 - 30 Before 30

#13 - Take a weekend motorcycle ride to another city/state

Boo Benefit Bike Rally
Jefferson, TX
Estimated Miles on the Bike: 477

I don't think there has ever been a time where I have been able to just sit for hours and think .  Where I didn't have to talk and I didn't have anybody to listen to but myself.

That's what I loved the most about our ride.  I always enjoy J and the friends and family we got to see that weekend, but most of all, I enjoyed the time I spent with myself, in my own head.  I reflected on this past year and how happy I am.  How my little family of 3 (J, Coco & myself) were able to fit that 4th missing piece in our lives so quickly and smoothly.  It's hard to think about the days before Jamison.  The world is just so much brighter with him here.  Days are longer in a good way and thankfully our nights are as well.  My heart is full and even though I was happy before - my happiness has a bigger meaning.  It's not perfect, but it's my perfect and that's all that matters.

I thought about Jackson and his Momma and was so thankful that we got to have lunch with her and go visit his gravesite.  I thought about our friends and how blessed we are to have each one of them in our lives.  I thought about my family and prayed that certain relationships can be healed.  I prayed for J and that he will continue to be my rock and best friend.  I prayed for our son and that he grows up to be a kind person.  And I prayed for myself and that I can continue to be the best mom and wife that I am capable of being.  I'm not a supermom/wife by any means but I know my two guys are taken care of!

Besides leaving my wallet at my Mom's house and worrying about how I was going to get a new I.D., the ride over was perfect.  The weather felt great and even though it was raining all through our area when we left, we somehow escaped the rain (which I also prayed for).  I never thought I'd be as comfortable on a motorcycle as I am.  Something about nothing protecting you from all sides just really freaked me out.  I love it though, can't imagine not having it and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to convince the hubs to keep it forever (we'll just save for a boat babe :) ).

The rest of the trip was just as great.  Our 'gang' was our friends Jessi & Keith and J's Mom and Stepdad Ginger & Percy.  We went to the Boo Ball Friday evening where they had a silent auction.  Then participated in the Poker Run on Saturday, where I keep telling myself even today that I totally would've won if we kept going.  But at our third stop, that dreaded rain finally came and after it cleared, we headed back to town.  Then home on Sunday to our sweet little man!

Here are a few pictures from the trip, some from my phone and some from our fancy camera that I was scared half to death to use while going 70mph. 

Jackson's gravesite.  When we had lunch with Mrs. Sherry she told us that she had the plants planted and it looked beautiful.  It was very sureal to be standing there, but I'm so glad we got to go as I had not been yet to say my goodbyes to him.

Me and the Hubs.  For some reason, even though I look twelve and am probably the weakest girl you know, I feel like a total bada$$ in my motorcycle gear!
Me and Jessi.  Love this girl and so glad we got to spend some time with her and her hubs Keith!  We had some good laughs - vespa's, buckeye's and creepy cats to name a few :)
This little store we were at in Jonesville was so cute.  Lots of antiques and yummy cheese according to Jessi.

Love this picture I got of J from behind.  I was trying desperately to work this camera and somehow got some pretty good shots.

Can't wait to go on my next ride!

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