Thursday, October 24

#32 - 30 Before 30

#32 - Random Acts of Kindness

So glad to have been able to help out a lady, her Mom and 10 week old son yesterday.  Their car wouldn't start and as I was about to drive off, I noticed them and realized something was wrong.  

I got out of my car to see if they needed help when the Mom let me know of their car trouble.  I offered for her to bring the baby into my car and use Jamison's car seat to keep cool while I helped out her daughter.  About 30 minutes later and many 'how to' phone calls to my husband, I was able to get her car started.

The appreciation this lady expressed to me made me feel so good.  She had said they had been out there for at least 15-20 minutes and I was the first person to ask if everything was okay.  Her son was born 6 weeks premature and she was getting worried on how they were going to make it home.  He was hungry, hot and just not comfortable at all.  Sweet boy screamed his head off in my car but at least he was getting some air!

I try to be observant of things around me and I'm so happy to have recognized that this family needed help.  I only hope that if I'm in this same situation with Jamison that someone will be kind enough to stop like I did.

I leave you with this guy :) Picture courtesy of J when I was out of town last week!

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