Tuesday, November 5

7 Month Update

You have changed soooo much over the past month.  Seriously Bud, not a day goes by where you don't show us some new skill you've mastered.  It amazes me what you have learned and what you can mimic.

I don't have weight & length stats but you'll be going back to the doctor on Thursday for the rest of your shots from your 6 month appointment.  If I could guess though, you are 16.5lbs and 27.5" long.  

You are crawling everywhere.  And you are FAST!  I can turn my head for a second and you're halfway across the room.  I remember telling your Daddy before you were born that we weren't going to rearrange anything once you became mobile.  Well, so far, two side tables are completely out of your reach and we need to buy a fireplace screen ASAP.  

A few weeks ago you started pulling up.  At first it was on the bouncer, then you made your way to the toy basket.  Now it's the couch, ottoman, anybody sitting on the floor, etc.  Basically, if you can find something sturdy, you're going to try and climb up it.  It makes me soooo nervous but I'm trying to not be the 'helicopter mom' (nothing wrong with that, just not what I want :) ), so at the very least, all hard objects are out of your fall zone.  

You are definitely testing boundaries both at Sweet Peas and home.  Sometimes you throw a fit when you're told no and then moved (like when you try and get on the tile).  But we try our best to redirect your attention and typically that works!

You still love your food!  I'm sure it would make your day if we fed you straight from our plates but not just yet buddy.  When you see us making your food you just scream w/delight.  But if we take too long, you get a little impatient.  I'm guessing you get that from your Momma.  You love all of your veggies and tried fruit this month - peaches and pears.  Next up - bananas and apples.  You're also still taking 4, 7oz bottles a day.

One of our favorite things is waking you up in the morning.  When you hear our voice you immediately scramble up to find us, always with the biggest smile on your face.  It is the sweetest feeling.  

Daddy and I have been taking turns taking you to daycare.  I think Daddy secretly likes taking you in the big truck!  You've done a lot better in the car since we got you a new car seat a few months ago.  But lately, you immediately try and stand up in it because you still hate being strapped in.  

You're still sleeping from 8pm until 6:30am.  Thanks to the time change though this past weekend you woke up at 4:50am Sunday morning playing in your crib.  Daddy came and got you up at 5:30am but it definitely threw your whole day off.  Thankfully you have been back to a normal wake up time the past two days.  Sometimes I wish you would sleep with us every now and then. I just want to snuggle but you're all over the place so I'm pretty sure you'd either crawl right off the bed or push us right out.  

You got your first haircut!!  You did soooo good and you are still the cutest ever :)

I feel like I'm forgetting so much.  There are so many little 'new' things that are escaping me right now.  I opened you up an email account back when you were 3 months old.  I haven't sent anything yet but will be now.  You'll probably think I'm crazy when you grow up and read whatever I wrote!  Or email will just be non-existent at that point :)

Just know that you are our pride and joy and nothing makes us happier than being your Momma and Daddy!  We love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean!

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  1. He is SO big! And has the cutest little cheeks! I love your monthly updates...also, loving the new look at title of the blog! Have a wonderful night!