Tuesday, November 5

The Thankful Project Day 5: A Talent

Day 5 of The Thankful Project from Chasing Happy is A Talent.

Well, I can stick my tongue up my nose :) 

In all seriousness, I have to brag on my husband for this one.

J is an amazing musician.  When he picks up that guitar and sings, it makes me melt.  The same way it did 7 years ago when I first saw him perform.  I only WISH I had half of his ability, but sadly I don't!  

We wrote our own vows at our wedding and he wrote me a song.  I had no idea and thankfully I went first :) He really feels what he plays and it meant the world to me that he did that.  J is not a real mushy, kissy kissy kind of guy - but he knows when to be romantic and he hit the nail on the head with that one.  

Among his many Daddy duties, one of them will be teaching Little Man how to play guitar.  I see a Daddy/Son duo in our future.

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