Tuesday, November 12

The Thankful Project Day 11: Something You Were Taught

Today's prompt for The Thankful Project by Chasing Happy is something you've been taught.
There is absolutely one thing that I would've loved to have been taught and that would be Portuguese.  My Dad was born in Brazil and my Mom lived there while in grade school and that is where they met.  They're no longer married, but I know I've told them plenty of times in my almost 30 years that I wish I knew the language :)  I probably would've passed Spanish a little easier in High School!
Something that I have not been taught yet but will be taking in January is a photography class.  J got me a Nikon Camera and he knows a whole lot more about that thing then I do.  He throws out terms like ISO and (see I can't even remember another term!). 
There's only so much I can take in by watching tutorials so I signed up for a class where I will get real live teachings.  It's a two day course and part of it will be in a classroom and the other part will be out in the 'field' practicing.
I can't wait to take the class and really start using the camera like it's supposed to be used.  I take a ton of pictures on it already but it would be really nice for them to come out semi-decent with the right settings, etc.
Jamison will be even more excited years down the road when he sees the crazy amount of embarrasing pictures looking like a professional took them :)

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