Saturday, November 2

The Thankful Project Day 2: A Role You've Played

I'm linking up again with Chasing Happy for Day 2 of The Thankful Project.  Today's prompt is A Role You've Played.  

I had to really think about this one.  I'm a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, niece, wife, mother, friend, etc.  I couldn't pick just one of those to speak about as they are all so important to me.  A Role that I have been so thankful for though is as a Volunteer.

I joined the Frisco Women's League in September of 2012 with two of my girlfriends.  What drew me to the organization was that they do a lot of volunteering for our community.  I had been looking into volunteering but wasn't sure of what type of place I wanted to do that at.  With FWL, there are soooo many opportunities to help in all different areas. I have volunteered at Frisco Family Services stocking their food pantry and handing out Thanksgiving meals.  I have helped hand out packets & bibs for the Gary Burns Fun Run.  I've met the sweetest families when volunteering for the Small World Angel Program which was founded by a Frisco ISD Teacher who just wanted to help families in need.  

Those are just a few of the volunteer opportunities that I have done while being a member of FWL.  And no matter how big or small the event is, I know that I'm making a difference in my community.

Share Our Hearts - We made Valentine's Day cards to be handed out at local nursing homes.

Frisco Women's League Christmas Party.  I have to add (because wow this is a bad picture of me) that I'm about 5 months pregnant here :)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm also part of The Thankful Project this November and would love to read more of your work as the month progresses!

    You can check out my blog at if you'd like! Wishing you all the best!!


  2. Thank you Ellie! I'm going to check out your blog too :)