Friday, January 10

9 Month Baby & Life Update

One large post for me today :)

Little Man turned 9 months old on Sunday.  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that 9 months ago, this little guy came into the world.  He lights up any dark days and makes the good days so much better.  He has completed this part of our lives and I'm so grateful to be his Momma. 
He is a whopping 17lbs, 2oz and is 27in long.  He did not get any shots at his appointment this week which made Momma (and I'm sure baby) very happy.  He did get a prick in his toe though for them to test his iron levels and he was so cute when they did it.  He just stared - no tears!

He can:
 - Crawl.  And if something is in his way, he will move it or squeeze through whatever it is.  He's a very determined little fella and when he has his eye on something - he beelines straight for it.

 - Pull up & stand.  Sturdy or unsturdy - he's going to try and pull up on it.  He loves getting on his feet and walking around whatever object (big or small) he has a hold of.  My little shorty looks really funny to be honest standing on his little legs.  I can't imagine what he's going to look like when he actually takes off running.

 - Says Dada and a few other babble words.  He loves to yell Dada especially when he sees J.  It's the sweetest thing because J will respond to him "yeah buddy" like Jamison's about to ask him a question.  Honestly though, I'm happy he said Dada first - I know that made J feel awesome hearing that.  In fact, the first time he truly said it, he was waking up from sleep and we heard him through the monitor.  J literally jumped out of bed to get him up he was so excited.  Maybe Momma will be the next word :)

 - Eat.  Boy oh boy can this kid eat!  We're still giving him his veggie puree/rice cereal mix and fruit/rice cereal mix but we've also ventured onto the real food.  I just can't bring myself to give him pureed meats so we've started giving him a few pieces of chicken at night.  He loves chicken!  He's also still taking 4 bottles for a total of 28oz of formula a day. 

 - Get excited.  There is nothing I love more than when we pickhim  up from daycare or come home from something and seeing his face light up when he sees us.  He even does a little scream (for joy of course) when he sees one of us.

 - Mimic.  He's getting a lot better at mimicing us.  We'll bang two toys together and he'll watch then grab two toys and start doing the same thing.  He stayed at Grandma's a few days while my Grandparents were in town and started mimicing her cough she had.  Sometimes if you scream - he'll do it back with the biggest smile on his face.  We're going to start working on clapping and giving kisses this month. 

Life is good - there's always ups and downs but at the end of the day, I can say that I'm truly blessed.

December has been a crazy month for us. 
 - We were iced in.  That was fun **insert sarcasm**  We did get our Christmas decorations up, went to the mall to get pictures with Santa and took our photos for our Christmas card.  Merry Late Christmas from the Mahaffeys!

 - We had a death in the family.  A great man who will forever be missed.

 - We have houseguests that have been in since the 13th of December and will be moving out to their new apartment on the 17th of this month.  You forget how much you do when you're alone in the can't just run to the laundry room in your underwear when you have guests :)

 - Somebody got their SECOND haircut.  Insane how fast this kids hair grows!
 - Lots of meetings for work with one overnight stay.  Hate being away from my two guys!

 - Celebrated 2 Christmas' - one in town, the other in Louisiana

 - Went to Sea World in San Antonio and back in one day to go play with Penguins.  Best Christmas gift yet from J!  Bonus: We got kisses from a Beluga Whale.

 - Celebrated a friends 30th!!

 - Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  This was an anniversary present from myself to J.  I was SO excited to go.  BUT - it was not at all I expected.  It was their Christmas Eve show.....there was a great mix of awesome music with the coordinating light show and cheesey broadway show.  I would've just prefered the music/lights.

 - And then we ended 2013 with some great friends and our babes!

I'm ready to see what this year brings.  I hope for continued happiness and less loss.  I hope that what we set our mind too this year, we actually get it done.  I hope that the prayers and dreams of certain friends becomes a reality.  I hope sicknesses through my family & friends and their families get better.....a healthier year.  I hope that a few special people can stay strong and although they all have a rough road ahead, that they know the love and support that they have all around them.  I hope that J and Jamison will always know my love for them. 

Let's do this 2014!


  1. Oh my lord that tub face is just the cutest! 9 months already? And I'm SUPER jealous you got to hold a penguin!!

  2. Ah thank you! I can't believe how fast it goes less than two months now he'll be one! The penguin experience is incredible - highly recommended!