Friday, January 10

Babe's First Christmas

Jamison was only interested in the paper and bags but it was still so fun to open presents with him and have his first Christmas all together.

We celebrated at my Mom's house on the Sunday before Christmas and he got some pretty awesome toys.  He got a new activity table, a walker, a mega bloks set, a magnetic train set and so much more!  I can't wait for next year when he'll really know what's going on and will maybe play with a toy :)

We went to Louisiana with J's family on actual Christmas at his Grandmother's house.  There were 16 adults and 8 children - it was the biggest Christmas at BB's yet!  We got all of the kids matching pajamas and all of the women got matching ones too.  Santa came and left Jamison a few toys and then he got more walker's, blocks and tons more from the rest of the family.  He had such a good time....playing with tissue paper and bags of course!

We'll be celebrating more next weekend with my Dad, Stepmom and Sister and then this weekend we're headed to Oklahoma to see J's Dad, Stepmom and two brothers .  We're so blessed to have such big families and Jamison is super blessed to have so many grandparents that love him and spoil him rotten!

I don't think he'll quite understand it yet but next year we'll be teaching him the real meaning of Christmas :)

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