Friday, December 6

8 Month Update

We have been so blessed for the past 245 days to be your parents.  You have made us laugh, cry and at times go a little crazy but most of all you have made us feel the most love we could ever feel for someone.

You pretty much love everything to do with your Daddy.  He makes you laugh so hard and it's so special to see that bond you two already have.  And it doesn't surprise me that the babbling you've been doing for the past two weeks has turned into a very clear 'dada', especially when you wake up in the morning and want him to come get you :)

You have tried table food!  And you love it!  We're still doing purées with rice cereal, but I'm glad you had no aversions to the good stuff.  Bananas are your favorite fruit and sweet potatoes are your favorite veggie.  Though with your spit up, we're going to have to get those wood floors sooner rather than later after you eat those.  

You are very active.  You're crawling and getting faster everyday.  You now pull up and stand every chance you get.  We've resorted to putting a gate between the two couches so you can't "escape."

You scream when you want something.  Even if we're not feeding you fast enough.  You also scream when you're excited. It's the cutest thing!  Over Thanksgiving you started's very odd but hilarious.

People think you're a chunk - which you totally look like in most pictures.  But you're pretty average size.  We go next month to the pediatrician but when we had to take you to Acute Kids a few weeks ago you were 16lbs 9oz.  You're still wearing 6 month onesies and pants and 3-6 month footed pajamas and pants.  You're definitely going to have your Momma's height!  

Playtime is your favorite and you have so many toys that you love.  Your activity table, farm animals/letters and new tonka truck are the ones you play with everyday.  Momma gave you a wooden spoon and you like to bang on everything with it.  Maybe you'll be a drummer??

You still love Mrs. Tracy & Mr. Nate and you always have the biggest smile on your face when you see them.  You've had a few rough days, like crying at drop off when they put you down to play and screaming during nap time, but have had so many good days more recently.  We've all come to realize you can be a bit stubborn at times, like when you try and cross that imaginary boundary 50+ times a day :)

You HATE being put into your car seat.  You start turning immediately when you hit that seat.  It's a struggle getting you in there and we've finally found the way to keep you still - give you our car keys!  If only that would work during diaper changes.

We're most looking forward to your first Christmas.  You already like the tree and I know for sure you'll enjoy the wrapping paper.  

We love you as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean buddy!


  1. Your son is so cute! My little guy is right over 8 months and shares many of the same outfits!

    1. Thank you! I'm obsessed with buying him clothes - I can't imagine what it wil be like if I ever have a girl :)

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