Wednesday, January 14

Day 3....

Of no social media. 3 whole days that I've gone without checking Facebook or Instagram. 

It's been nice.  

Now instead of getting on to Instagram first thing in the morning, I lay in bed for a few extra minutes and think about my day.  Instead of scrolling through what seems like an eternity of posts at night, I pray.  It's like I have all of this "free" time to now do things for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook and Instagram. I look forward to seeing pictures of my family and my friends adorable kids. I love the funny status' and the Buzzfeed shares of autocorrect fails or the many life-hack articles.  I love the life changing events that are shared like a new job, engagement, wedding or baby news.  I love it all, so much so that I checked both accounts multiple times a day - first thing in the morning, at red lights, waiting in line at Starbucks, while my laptop booted up, during playtime with Jamison (that speaks for itself), right before bed, etc.  But it's gotten to be too much.

So, starting this past Sunday, I am giving up social media for 21 days and participating in our Church's 21-day churchwide fast.  In doing this, I can focus on my family and myself. I'll be giving myself time for God and prayer.  I'll *hopefully* be updating my blog a little bit more (and I'll still be sharing on FB but not actually logging on :)).  Maybe I'll have some new items in my shop as well since I just started working on a new crafty project. 

I will miss seeing the updates, pictures, articles, and videos.  And look forward to them all - in moderation - on day 22 :)

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