Saturday, January 10


Jamison is getting to that stage where he takes his time.  He's walking to a particular destination, like to the car in the morning, and stops to look at a plant or pick up a rock.  I always, in my hurried tone, tell him "Bud - come on, we're going to be late."  And he then stops what he's doing and comes to me and gets in the car. 
Did he feel defeated?  Did he really want to check that rock out or maybe take it with him?  Am I enabling him to see the world around him?  He's learning something new everyday.  Instead of hurrying him along, I need to take that as a teaching opportunity.  "Look at that pretty plant Buddy, that's a (fill in the blank)." or "WOW - cool rock dude!"  Or just stop and look at the plants and rocks and just enjoy that time with him.
I remember when Jamison was first born I always looked forward to what was next.  It got in the way sometimes of enjoying how he was at that moment.  When he started crawling I couldn't wait for him to stand up.  When that happened, I was (not so) patiently waiting for him to walk.  Then when he finally walked months later I was looking forward to something else.  It's a vicious cycle.  He's not done growing up and he won't be until I'm long gone. 
This year, I will have patience. Living in the present and not being so impatient for what's coming next. 
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