Saturday, December 20

20 Months (and 15 days....)

Seriously - 20 months!!! I hate to keep saying it over and over but, man, time sure does fly. This little man of mine is becoming grown right before our eyes.  We have to keep enjoying these precious moments because next thing we know, he'll be going off to college.
Thank you Lord my baby likes to sleep!  I remember the days of sleeping in on the weekends and still feeling tired because I slept so long.  BUT, I got to sleep in!!  Now, we wake Jamison up during the week by 7:15am so that he has enough time to have his morning milk and morning playtime with Daddy before leaving for school.  The weekends though - we get to sleep in until around 8:30am.  He very very very rarely will wake up in the middle of the night.  He'll cry out randomly every now and then to make sure we know he's still there but other than that, there's never a peep out of him.  He moves like crazy in the bed.  It's like he's burrowing in his nest and has to get that one comfy spot.  Once he started napping with a blanket at school, we've put a blanket in his crib at night now too.  It's the sweetest thing to me watching him cover himself up.  He sure loves a good blanket!
A man after my own heart....staying on schedule!  Thank you to our wonderful in-home daycare, Sweet Peas, we have been on pretty much the same schedule with Jamison since he was 8 weeks old.  Of course there have been some modifications due to his age but I'll tell you, this schedule business is the way to go.  We KNOW what to expect everyday and he does to.  He may not be falling asleep tired at nap and bedtime but he knows what's happening next and never fights us on it.  Here's a typical (week)day for him.
7:15am - wake up
8:30am - breakfast
11:00am - lunch
12:00pm - nap
3:00pm - wake up and snack
6:30pm dinner
7:30pm - bath (every other day)
8:00pm - bed
8:01pm - Mommy & Daddy time YAY!!!!
Sometimes we deviate from the schedule depending on what we have going on.  Never by too much though and thankfully it never throws him off. 
As most of you know, my kid loves to eat.  Jamison is driven by food.  He is a vulture.  If he hears even a package crinkle, he will come and hunt you down and beg for food like a starved animal.  I promise we don't starve him though.  He just REALLY loves food.  And he's a great eater during meal times.  We get compliments all the time on how good he is - sitting in his chair, eating his entire plate of food, not throwing any on the floor, etc.  I definitely attribute that to Sweet Peas (with follow-up help from us of course :)).  He eats pretty much everything.  For some reason though, he'll eat fruit fine at daycare but not at home.  Except for Bananas - those are his favorite.
Non-stop, all day everyday.  I love hearing him say new words.  His sweet voice just melts my heart.  One of the words we've been working REALLY hard on with him is saying "yes."  He says no like it's going out of style and refuses to say yes.  He'll nod his head though so I guess that's a start??
He says: shoe, all done, uh-oh, no (please make that one stop!), uh-huh, Coco, my Momma, Dada, go, two, let's go, chicken, please, thank you, night night, I love you, ball, banana, Elmo, hot dog, Moo, Grandma, Grandpa, more, vroom, oh-no, push, don't go, it go, choo choo, cracker, car, mine, look, poopoo (personal favorite, just learned this last week when he pooped in the tub!), and cup.
I know I'm forgetting some.  I've been writing them all down in the notes section of my phone :) 
Mickey Mouse
Playing Cards
His Blanket (which is actually a blanket my Mom had made for me with some of my old sporting shirts)
His Momma and Daddy of course :)
I don't really pay attention to the milestones that they're supposed to hit at each month.  I figure my kid will do what he does and if the Pediatrician is ever concerned then we'll do something about that.  So far, no concerns.  He may not know all of his farm animals (I'm working on that), but he sure knows his nose, ears, eyes, mouth, hair, hands (waves them when you say "Where are your hands"), and his feet.  I was actually able to have a real conversation with him the other night when I put him to bed.
Me: Buddy, do you want me to sing you a song?
Jamison: No
Me: Are you sure?
Jamison: *nods his head yes*
He is the most fun!  Jamison is always happy and smiling.  He of course has his days and moments when he's an absolute pill to be around but 9 times out of 10, he's in a great mood.
He listens pretty well.  And he'll push the limits because he does in fact understand what he should and shouldn't be doing.  We've really had to scale back on that NO word so we've been using Stop and the annoying Nu-uh when he's doing something wrong.  He's smarter than we think.  It's hard to wrap my head around someone being 20 months (and 15 days old) understanding simple concepts like "go to your chair (highchair)" or "give Momma a kiss."  Or the fact that he knows that if he reclines the couch just a little bit (it's on a motor), that he can climb up using that as leverage.  What??!!  He's my own little Einstein :)
He's definitely not shy around people which is great.  He loves to laugh and dance and "perform."  I see drama classes in his future.  He fits us perfectly.
What we're looking forward to
Christmas!!  Last year he just wanted to play with the wrapping and tissue paper.  This year, he'll be all about opening the presents.  We've already had one Christmas with my Dad, Stepmom, Little Sister and Granny back at Thanksgiving and he loved opening all of his presents. 
More words.  I really can't wait to fully understand all that he is saying.  He babbles a lot.  I know I'll regret that later when he's talking back and being crazy.....
Sports.  I know we're a few years away from that.  He already throws the ball and kicks it like a champ so I definitely see Soccer and Teeball/Baseball for him.
Memories.  Everyday we make a new one.  Last night we had a movie night upstairs in the media room followed by a dance party.  It.Was.Awesome.  I don't ever want the fun to end.  I want him to remember his childhood as the best with parents who were there for it all.  I want him to grow up knowing how much he is loved and what a joy he is to be around.  He will know it all :)
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