Sunday, July 12

Nursery Progress

We have finally started on the nursery and I couldn't be more excited with how it's going to turn out. 

Back in March, I ran across this tassel garland from a store I follow on Instagram and I instantly fell in love.  We hadn't gotten 100% confirmation that they were girls yet, but both doctors guesses were good enough for me. I had to buy it.

I ordered two and they're going over each crib with their first initial in the middle of each.  And the colors in person are so soft and beautiful.  It'll be the perfect piece for above their sleeping heads :)

For Jamison's room, we bought an actual changing table that went with his crib. I've always liked the look of a long dresser with the changing pad on top, but with the way his layout is, it wouldn't have worked in his room.  The girls nursery though has a big wall that would be perfect one. After looking for the perfect one, my Mom ended up finding this dresser at a resale shop for a whopping $80.  It was perfect - and real wood!

We started painting today and it looks so good and exactly what I wanted. A few weeks ago, I ordered a BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder kit and got the paint from Lowe's. It was super easy to mix up and because we used the chalk paint, no sanding or priming was required.  We still need to put some finishing wax on it in a few days then it will be ready to fill!

Now for the gallery wall. This will be going above the dresser. It's a big wall and I think I have more than enough to fill it.

My goal is to have the room fully completed by Friday, hopefully sooner.  Justin will be putting the cribs together this week and the chair we bought should arrive at the store Friday and be available for us to pick up then too. I can't wait to rock these two lovelies in it!

Big big thank you to the Mullens', my Aunt Nicki, my Mom & Dan for ALL of their help doing various things around the house today - moving furniture, painting, entertaining Jamison, giving ideas, etc.  We are very blessed to have such special people in our lives!

And of course, J. He not only did all of the above but the support he's given me through this pregnancy has been incredible. I've complained more to him than I've ever had and he's just there for me 100%.  I couldn't appreciate him more - for everything he does for us as well as the love and excitement he already has for Breeland & Camille.  He's already a great Boy Dad and I can't wait to see him take on the new role of Girl Dad!

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