Tuesday, July 7

29 Week Twin Update

Resting after a few hours at the waterpark yesterday. 

How far along: 29 weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain: 20lbs.  All belly!

All about the girls: Breeland is 2lbs, 11oz.  Her heart rate today was 161.  Camille is 2lbs, 14oz.  Her heart rate was 130. They are both head down which is great news for me. Let's just hope they stay that way. They are very active little ladies. They move all day long except for when I'm sleeping.  Sign for the future?? 

Sleep: Sucks. I can't breathe at night. Even with a breathe right strip on. I have to pee every hour it seems and to move from one side to the other hurts the hell out of my back. I literally roll out of the bed. I know when the girls come, sleep will be few and far between. But I'm okay with that because I'll be able to actually GET out of bed!

Best moment this week: Seeing the girls in 3D today. We loved that part of being pregnant with Jamison. They were pretty squished in there but the tech was able to get some pretty good shots. 

Miss anything: Coffee & Soda in the same day. Being able to go up the stairs without losing my breath. My white skinny jeans. Strappy wedges. 

Movement: As mentioned above, they move a lot. Camille seems to punch or kick and then leave her hand or foot up there. I have to massage the area down to get her to move along. Sometimes it hurts!  I love it though - I'll definitely miss that feeling when they're here. 

Food cravings: I had been craving tomato soup and pizza goldfish. Finally got it last week and it made my heartburn so bad. No new cravings since then. 

Symptoms and how I'm feeling: I'm feeling okay. The mornings until about 2pm are great. My feet are starting to swell so I have to rest a lot and put my feet up. Thankfully they always go down and right now, my OB is not concerned with pre-eclampsia. My heartburn is worse. I eat tums like candy and take my Zantac still daily. I can drink just water and it's just as bad.  My back hurts constantly. I just got a maternity support belt so we'll see how well that works.  I hate to complain - even on here. I've tried to make it a point not to do so unless asked how I'm feeling :) J is the exception though. I'll complain to him all day long!

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery done. It's my biggest stress right now.  Also looking forward to our shower next weekend. I am truly blessed with some great girlfriends!

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