Friday, September 11

B & C: 1 Week New

These two beauties are 1 week new today. 

Weight & Length when we left the hospital:
B - 4lbs, 13oz (down from 5lbs, 1oz) and 18" long
C - 5lbs, 6oz (down from 5lbs, 9oz) and 18" long

Weight & Length today:
B - 5lbs, 5oz and 18.75" long
C - 5lbs, 14oz and 19" long

They potty like crazy, they cry when they're hungry, and they are not the biggest fans of the new "wake time" we're doing during the day.  Routine is key for us, they'll get used to it!

Typical Day:
Wake for the day anywhere between 5am - 7am.
Bottle, wake time, nap - lots of diapers in between.
3 hours later, start it over again. 
In bed between 8pm - 9pm.

This has helped soooo much with their nighttime sleep. The first two nights were a mess. Which of course is normal but J and I knew right away that we needed to establish some consistency through the day to get through the night. With the help of Sweet Peas (best daycare in the world), we implemented the above routine. The past three nights they've only woken up twice to eat. First wake up is around midnight, next one is around 3am, and then they wake for the day three hours later.  We're exhausted but it definitely helps to know what's next.  

Jamison is still so in love with his sisters. He asks for them when he wakes up and gives them sweet toe kisses when he sees them.  If he hears one crying, he goes to them with a paci in hand and not so gently puts it in their mouth.  He's such a great big brother, very caring & loving. 

J and I are doing great. My recovery has been fantastic. Since we're bottle feeding (formula right now and I'm pumping) J is able to feed them too. He can do them both at the same time - I'm not that talented yet.

We're absolutely in love and our hearts are full. Couldn't imagine life being any different right now. 

I'm working on their birth story now. Just waiting on a few more pictures :)

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