Wednesday, October 28

It's Only Just Begun

I've heard this phrase over the last few days when it comes to Jamison and I fear it's true. What I thought we would deal with at three, we're entering at two and a half. How did I ever think we could escape the terrible two's??

Let's be honest, kids are not perfect.  They don't clean up all their toys without being told multiple times. They don't always say please and thank you without being prompted. They don't listen the first time and they definitely don't like time-out. Are our expectations too high for this sweet little man of ours?  Are we overestimating what he can actually understand?

We've always tried to teach Jamison manners, to be kind to his friends, and to just be a good boy. And he is. Most of the time. 

We are consistent. If he gets in trouble for throwing a toy one day, he's going to get in trouble for doing it the next.  Everytime he says "yes" or "yeah" we immediately say "yes ma'am or sir" depending on who he's talking too. Saying "please" might get him what he wants, but demanding it never will. And whining - well that will most definitely get him nowhere. 

Don't get me wrong, God blessed us with a very sweet, kind and caring boy who wants nothing more but to please the people around him. I'm proud of him. We can take him places and he doesn't run around like an escaped prisoner.  He can handle walking beside us and holding our hands as we cross the street.  He will ask if you're okay if you sneeze or cough and come over to cuddle with you at just the right moments.  He has and will always have my heart. He made me a Momma and I couldn't be more blessed to have him as my son.

Parenting is a tough job though. Trying to instill all of this in a two year olds brain is exhausting, but you keep fighting through because one day he'll actually get it.  And when that day comes, he'll thank us for it.  

I know it's only just begun.  We're only in the toddler years and still have two more to get to this stage as well.  These last few weeks with him have been challenging. I know it's the changes happening around him. He's not getting our full attention 24/7 anymore.  But that's his and our reality and we have to make the most of it.

Pray, pray, and pray some more is all we can really do!


  1. Gosh I just love you more every day! You're a great mama and that little boy of yours is a delight!

  2. I seriously hope that I can be the kind of parents that you and Justin are. You're both amazing, and I love the manners and values that you're teaching. I adore that sweet boy of yours, and will be praying that this is a short lived phase.