Saturday, November 7

B & C: Two Month Update

Two months (and 3 days) ago we welcomed our little sweeties into the world. We knew that our lives would change drastically with adding two more and that we were venturing into the intriguing world of multiples.  

There's a certain stigma that people have when it comes to parents of multiples. They think you're so busy you can't even see straight. That they both cry all day and of course at the same time.  And my personal favorite: "Oh my goodness, you have a toddler too - you must be staying at home to take care of all three!"  

Yes, we're busy. But it's structured. Schedule is key in our household. We know what to expect and so do the babes. I couldn't and wouldn't have it any other way. 

They do cry!  But not all day and night and it's definitely not always at the same time. In fact, if they do wake up in the middle of the night or during a nap, they very rarely will wake up the other.  

Staying at home. No, I work. Sometimes from home and sometimes in an office. Either way, I am not cut out for staying at home. I love my kids - so so much, but I have to have something outside of my family. It's in my nature.  I have so much respect for Moms who do stay home with their kids. That's a full-time job and then some.  

It's been a fun ride though so far. That first month I felt like we were just surviving the day to day. But now, we've gotten our routine down and life has gotten just a little bit easier. Nights are more cherished and I'm loving the memories we're creating as a family of five. 

Update time!

Eat: The girls are both taking 5oz bottles of formula, 5 times a day. They eat at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm. It takes them about 15-20 minutes to finish their bottles and Bree is normally the first one done. They dribble like crazy so we always have to make sure we have a bib or a burp cloth around their necks.  They will typically suck every bottle down so I'm sure we'll be moving them up to 6oz here in a few weeks. 

Sleep: My first week back at work they slept through the night two nights in a row!  It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. The nights following though, at least one of them would wake up at 4:30am and the other would go until 6am.  They're never consistent - it's typically one that will wake up one night and the other one the next.  I'd put a pacifier in their mouths though and they'd go right back to sleep.  But now - last night was night FIVE that they slept all the way until 6am. Yay!!!  Let's hope this continues.  They are both still in their rock n plays too, swaddled, every night. 

Bree: I thought Cami was going to be my little diva drama queen but Miss Bree is starting to be just that. In a sweet way though. She lets you know when she's not content, wants to be held, doesn't want to look at you (she will turn her head so much sometimes to avoid you, it's actually pretty funny).  She's still the smallest of the two weighing in at 9lbs, .5oz and she's 20.7" long.  A few things she can do this month: make eye contact and lock eyes with us, grabbing for toys on her playmat, sticking tongue out and mimicking us.  She is sitting up so well in her bumbo too. I'm amazed at the head control of both of them and just how strong they are.  And my favorite - smiling!  They both seemed to smile at everyone but me, but finally this week it was my turn.  This little lady is so sweet and she still has the best hair.  Her nickname now is Bree Bree and she hears that a lot when she's fussing for something!

Cami: Our little Cami Girl. She already has a calmer disposition then Bree. Which is crazy because in my belly, Cami was always the super active one.  She is now 9lbs, 12.5oz and 21" long. She is almost fully out of newborn clothes but of course since I color coordinate/match them, I still squeeze her into some of the cuter newborn outfits :) She is on track exactly with her sister on things she can do this month. It makes me wonder so much if they are in fact identical??  She loves to sit facing out on your lap so she can see everything and she will happily do that for quite awhile. 

Jamison: He still loves them!  We've had our challenges with him (see last post), but all in all, he's done very well.  His favorite thing to do is to sing to them. He also will just lay with them, hug them all the time and of course gives lots and lots of slobbery kisses.  

Momma & Daddy: We're doing really good. Like I said, were getting into the groove of things and it has truly made our day to day life easier. We've also been allowed to take time for ourselves too. That's so important when you have kids and it's something that we both don't want to lose. The girls absolutely adore J, just like Jamison did (and still does).  He gets the best smiles from them and the way he is with them just melts my heart. 

Two moths down and a lifetime to go!

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