Saturday, March 12

B & C: Six Month Update

Well, half a year has come and gone in a blink of the eye.  Our mornings and evenings our rushed, days super short, but I wouldn't change a thing!

Weight/Length: I know they're twins, I know they're identical, but it still amazes me how close they are with their measurements.  It's like they're one person :)

Weight - 14lbs, 13.5oz
Length - 23.82"
Head - 15.8"

Weight - 14lbs, 14.5oz
Length - 24.41"
Head - 16"

Eat: These girls like to eat.  Just like their brother did.  They take 4 bottles a day with 8oz in each bottle.  They also eat dinner every night with Jamison.  It's nice for us to all be sitting around the table for a meal.  We've moved on from purees and they've had chunks and spears of carrots, green beans, sweet potato, peas and banana.  Bananas are proving to be a crowd favorite over here.  At their check-up yesterday, their pediatrician said that we could start giving them a sippy cup of water and start giving them eggs, yogurts, cheeses and meats.  WHAT??  I don't remember any of this from when Jamison was a baby and according to her, a lot of the recommendations have changed.  I'll probably hold off on the meats but the others will be fun to try. 

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night, still making Mommy and Daddy super happy with that!  They still go to bed at 7pm and I wake them up for the day at 6am.  They take 2 naps a day (8am-10am and 12pm-2pm) and we've pretty much weaned off of the 3rd nap that was from 4pm - 6pm.  They both are able to be just put into their cribs which does make naptime/bedtime a lot easier but I do miss rocking them.  Bree goes in and immediately puts her thumb in her mouth and she's out.  Cami needs her paci during bedtime and has just now started to let us rock her again but it has to be pitch dark in their room.  She'll go down either way but I'm loving the sweet cuddles we're able to get again.

Bree: She is a pretty chill baby.  Cries when she's tired or hungry, but is typically watching and observing.  Probably judging but whatever.  She loves to steal all of Cami's toys.  Even if she's playing with the exact same toy she is, she will push it to the side and crawl over to Cami to take hers.  She has said "dada" or a version of it but it made Justin so happy.  So far that's 2/3 - we'll see what Cami "says" first!  She is a big Daddy's girl and lights up at the sound of his voice always.  Bree is a big (army) crawler.  She's everywhere.  She loves to crawl over to Jamison and touch him.  She'll just grab at his shirt or touch his arm.  It drives him nuts and I think she knows that.  She holds her own bottle, is sitting up with support, grabbing for toys and moving them from hand to hand, grabbing for food on her high chair and babbling like crazy.

Cami: She's a little more high maintenance than Bree but not too bad at all.  She is all smiles all the time.  Basically you can just look at her and those lips start curling up.  She's gotten into this habit of laying on her side while holding her bottle.  I'm assuming it's for comfort but her milk gets everywhere.  I have to put her back on her back a lot but she just always revert to her side.  Oh well!  Cami is starting to crawl too but she's not as fast as Bree.  She gets frustrated a lot because she really wants to crawl on all fours but all she ends up doing is rocking back and forth.  So, the good ole army crawling is good for now.  Cami can be a little diva at time and she doesn't like to miss a thing.  Their morning naps are always perfect and they sleep the whole time.  The noon nap though, if someone is going to get up first, it's always Cami.  I think she's realized that she gets extra time with Mommy and Daddy if she wakes up first.  She is also holding her own bottle, sitting up with support, grabbing for toys and moving them from hand to hand, and babbling.  She does not grab food from her highchair very often.  She prefers the hand feeding method.  And holds her hands out so that she doesn't get anything on her.  She is the cleanest after meal times though.

Jamison: This guy.  I love him soooo much.  He's awesome, he's my little buddy and my best friend.  But he's been a bit of a nightmare lately.  Bedtime has been crazy - he gets up a lot, talks to us through the monitor, there have been some tears, etc.  I'm really over it and hoping that we can get him back on track.  He's always been the best sleeper and the last few weeks have just been bad.  Other than that, he's now officially a pottier.  He's done so great with potty training and we're so very proud of him.  Our daycare is amazing and has the best system in place for it.  His birthday is coming up in about 3 weeks and my big boy will be T H R E E!

Mommy/Daddy: I feel like we've been so incredibly busy lately.  There has been a lot going on already this year.  Justin is busy building amazing things. His newest project right now is building a shed in our backyard.  This will free up some space in the garage which is needed.  As for me, my Mom and I have been working on a new business (more to come later).  My Mom also lost her job back in January and she will start watching the girls in April.  Jamison is already going to be moving from Sweet Peas to his new school at that time so we thought it best to take them out all together.  Words cannot even describe the sadness I have knowing that they won't be "growing" up at Sweet Peas with Tracy and Nate.  These are two of the most incredibly caring and loving people to our kids.  But I am very excited for my Mom and the time she's going to get to spend with the girls.  She's an incredible Grandma and I know they will have all the fun with her!

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  1. Love the details of life with your sweet kiddos. Sorry about your mom's losing her job, but happy she wants to take care of your girls. Joy for all!