Sunday, February 14

B & C: Four and Five Month Update

Short and Sweet :)
Four Month Stats:
Bree's Weight - 12lbs, 5oz
Cami's Weight - 12lbs, 11.5oz
Bree's Length - 22.64"
Cami's Length - 23.5"
Their head circumference was the same at 15.25".
We see the pediatrician again at 6 months and will have their updated stats then.  I'm guessing they're both above 13lbs now.  Cami possibly over 14lbs as she was 13lbs, 12oz at the doctor's office a few weeks ago.
Eat: They are taking four bottles a day at 7oz each. If they don't get food (purees) for dinner, their last bottle is 8oz. We were able to drop their dream feed (10pm feeding) a few weeks ago too.  Cami typically always finishes her bottles first then glares at Bree like she stole all of her milk until she finishes. 
Sleep: The girls go to bed between 7/7:30pm and I get them up about 6/6:15am. In the last few weeks they have gotten to the point where they don't want to be rocked to sleep anymore. This makes me pretty sad but it does make putting two of them down together a lot easier.  Bree immediately puts her thumb in her mouth while Cami needs her paci.  Cami also likes to take said paci out and cry bloody murder until you put it back in. Thankfully that's only once though. They're still taking 3 naps a day: 8-10am, 12-2pm, and 4-6pm. The last nap is not the best which is okay because we'll be dropping that one soon.
In the last two months we:
- Started laughing
- Grabbing for toys
- Celebrated our first Christmas
- Met our first set of twins
- Learned we were identical
- Got our first cold.  First Cami then a week later, Bree.  And lucky big brother got it too!
- Found our feet
- Crawling!!  Bree started and now Cami has started to a little bit. 
- Babble
- Mimic
- Tried green beans, peas and carrots
I'm sure there's more but my Momma brain is somewhat fried and I'm already late on updates :)
Jamison started potty training Monday and he's done so well!  He runs to the potty when his timer goes off and so far we've had 3 accidents. We're very proud of him!  Big big thank you to the kids daycare who headed this up. They made this process perfect!
Happy Valentine's Day from my sweet little babes!

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