Thursday, February 14

14 Days of Cheesy Valentine's

Valentine's Day is not on the very top of my 'favorite holidays' list but it is a fun day to be as cheesy as you want.

My Hubby is the King of cheese when it comes to this holiday. Think animals that when you press the button it sings and dances, a metal rose so it will never die and one of my favorites - Dale Earnhart chocolates in a tin with him and his dog on the front. But instead of their faces, J cut out his face and put on Dale and you guessed it, mine was on the dog! You have to know my husband for that one - he's quite the jokester!

So this year I decided to mix it up a bit and do 14 Days of Cheesy Valentine's. Most of these I found on Pinterest (best site ever) and some of them I made up. In the spirit of keeping the hubs healthy, I didn't want to completely overload him with candy (though I will admit, I ate pretty much all of it!). And he did actually get a 'real' gift out of it :)

Day 1: Macaroni & Cheese - 'Good Morning!! Are you ready for 14 Days of Cheesy Valentine's?? :)'
Day 2: Mixed Nuts - 'I go nuts over you!'
Day 3: Reese's Pieces - 'You stole a piece of my heart!'
Day 4: Rolos - 'I like the way you roll!'

Day 5: Sweethearts - 'You are my sweetie!'
Day 6: Extra Gum - 'You are extra special!'
Day 7: Beef Jerky - 'You're so beefy!'
Day 8: Peanut Butter M&Ms - 'You're the peanut to my butter!'

Day 9: Bananas - 'I'm bananas over you!'
Day 10: Milky Way - 'You show me the way!'
Day 11: Almond Joy - 'It's a joy being married to you!'
Day 12: Payday - 'Hope you have a great day!'
Day 13: Hot Tamales - 'You are so hot!'
Day 14: Apple TV - 'You're the apple of my eye!'

I had tons of fun doing this and seeing J chuckle every morning at the corny sayings. I mean, who doesn't like a fun surprise every morning!

Hope everyone had an awesome and cheesy Valentine's!

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